How do I approach Beauty Product Reviews

This is an article that has been a long time coming. I hinted or at least, I believe I have, at it a few times now, but never really got around to writing it. I should have definitely written something like this a long time ago, but now that so many of you joined our community (welcome to all new members btw!) it is definitely time to talk a bit about how I approach beauty reviews aka what goes into the thought process and how I reach my conclusions which I then share with you.

  • Ease of use: The first thing I look for in a beauty products is just how easy it is to use. I am no expert by any means and while I love beauty and everything beauty related, there are many skills I lack in particular when it comes to hair styling, doing makeup and nails. I never hid this and never will. It is what it is. I will always work towards improving said skills, but products that are easy to use and that do not require “advanced” skills will always rank higher.
  • Effectiveness: Another important factor I consider in all my reviews is whether a product actually provides any visible results or not. The better the results, the better a product will rank obviously, but given that some products do not provide any results whatsoever, even products with more limited results might end up being recommended from time to time.
  • Price/Value ratio: This is sort of related to the above and to some extent self-explanatory, but I will provide some details so that it is clear exactly what I mean here. In the beauty products I recommend, I also look into how much product you actually need per use and how much lasts you a bottle/container of said product. This sometimes is an estimation based on the deluxe size version and not necessarily just how long it took me to finish the full sized version, but I found that the estimation is pretty accurate most of the time (+/- a few days or uses).
  • Marketing: I decided to include this factor here as well even though it is not a pro factor. Marketing is something I try to make abstraction of when it comes to my recommendations. What I mean but this is that I will not promote a product just because the brand is cool or they have incredible marketing. You know that I do not care about those things. While I can admire them from a business point of view, I will never promote a product just because it is popular, just because everyone “loves it” or anything like that. I will always tell you what I think regardless of the brand name or marketing. If something does not work, it does not work period. No amount of money the brand might throw at it will change that.
  • Alternatives: Sometimes a product might be good on its own, but there may also be alternatives to it which are much better or rank higher based on the above factors. For example when it comes to two products that generate similar results, but once is more affordable, I will nearly always recommend the more affordable version over its more expensive counterpart.

Of course there are some other factors as well such as the brand reputation and their behaviour overall, but that pretty much comes in before choosing a product to review rather than during the review process. Also, while I do try to remain sort of objective, I rarely manage to do so and I am sure you can understand that as I need to interact with the product personally in order to review it. However, I wish to specify that it is not the same when I comment on beauty gifts with purchase or offers.

Overall there are many factors, but these above are some of them. I hope this gives you a better understanding of where I came from when I comment on a product. In short, I am looking for products that are good, provide great value for the end customers and makes things easier not just add an extra step and take up more time. Sure, there are some great products that are for when you are in the mood to be pampered and enjoy a thorough selfceare routine, but there are also products that we need when we are in a rush, when we don’t have much time on our hands and I do take that into consideration.

What else do you wish I would consider when writing a review? How could my reviews provide more value for you?

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