Best iHerb deals right now

And the shop that most of my money this Black Friday is….. *drumrolls please*….iHerb.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. iHerb is an online store selling health, beauty, sports supplements and wellness products for very reasonable prices. During Black Friday, they had some amazing discounts on top-selling items like protein powder, multivitamins, probiotics and more. Plus, with their selection of natural and organic supplements, you can trust that you’re getting quality products.

However, the reason why I shopped so much with them over the past few days has more to do with their beauty selection than anything else. I do admit though that I was swayed by a series of household refillable products as well.. iHerb does have an incredible range of body care products along with makeup, haircare and more and I got some amazing deals on my favorite face pads and face masks that I had been eyeing for some time.

Overall, iHerb won the Black Friday shopping race for me this season! With unbeatable prices and top-notch product selection, it’s no wonder why I chose them as my go-to store. But I will let you see for yourself.

Here are some of my top picks:

I Dew Care, Plush Party, Buttery Vitamin C Lip Mask, 0.42 oz – around £11.55 (down from £19,25) – Buy Here

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads – £13.57 (down from £22.61) – Buy Here

The Bio-peel Gauze Peeling Pads from Neon come in three different types: Wine, Lemon and Green tea.

Personally I used the Wine Peeling Pads for many years now and I absolutely love them. They are super gentle on he skin, especially if you do not leave the product on for way too long and they are highly effective. Say goodbye to all the cells that no longer belong on your skin and say hello to smooth and glowy new skin.

The odds are also easy to use. You just run the pads on your skin with one side and then with the other and leave the product on for a few minutes and then rinse off. You can rinse off pretty much after rubbing them on the skin if you have super sensitive skin and still achieve some effect. Personally, I do keep the product on for a while longer, but not too long. If I do forget to rinse off, my skin reminds makes sure to remind me to do so, if you know what I mean.

Once I saw these jars on offer, I knew I just had to get them – so yes, they are part of my Black Friday haul. Why all three? Well, I’ve had my eyes on the other two versions ever since I first got the Wine one but never got around to buying them, especially as they are rarely part of any offers. I have used the Wine pads for years as stated above and the reason you might have not seen them on my beauty spend lists is because I usually get them as a gift from family members for Easter or Christmas. I have not dared to tell me that I wanted to try something else…

But yes, this is an incredible opportunity to purchase these pads as Neon is not a brand that gets on sale often, here at iHerb or anywhere else for that matter. I do not even know anymore, but I do not recall seeing these products at Selfridges lately so I am not even sure whether else you an purchase them, especially you live in the UK.

Idea Love and Radiant Seoul – Buy here

Among additional beauty picks, you can find a selection of the IdealLove and Radiant Seoul products. The sheet masks above are all rather great and if you can get them on sale, then even better. I got them last year for Black Friday and regretted not getting more. These are all iHerb brands which is why they are currently on discount.

If you go onto the iHerb website, you will notice that not all products are discounted. Usually the products discounted are iHerb own brands.

Save 25% on Haircare items – Buy Here

Currently, iHerb is also running a limited time campaign on haircare items. This is another selection you should definitely have a closer look at. Personally, I selected below three of there products I love the most. Some of you may know that you can also find these products in your local Whole Foods, but since I do not have access to one… Fun fact, Avalon Organics is how I discovered iHerb in the first place.

The discount on haircare is shown in the cart and not on the product page!

As a plus, if you do end up placing an order to iHerb, I highly recommend having a look at Hero Cosmetics which as far as I know is not available in the UK otherwise. I first got their products from Amazon UK but paid a hefty fee for delivery, but I have yet to see them sold elsewhere. The brand is not discounted right now, but it is a good opportunity to add some of their products to your basket.

And one last thing…

Since we do not all have Lidls that offer detergent refills nor do we have local access to detergent, dish soap or hand soap that is both organic and refillable, I was super excited to find the above options from Madre Labs at iHerb, plus their respective refills of course.

I rarely talk about non beauty stuff on this blog, but thought some of you might also be interested in some eco-friendly alternatives. I did the math and for me, especially while discounted, these products make way more sense than purchasing my regular Ariel (which I really do not like and pretty sure I am sort of allergic to).

So yes, I did pick up a kit for all these there products above as well as two boxes of their respective refills. I am quite excited for the product to arrive and truly hope they are all I ever wanted particularly in detergent and dish soap so fingers crossed. The deals they have going on right now make it also rather hard to pass up.

Disclosure and additional info

I keep talking about the amazing deals and yes, there are. However, as you might have noticed, for the first product I mentioned in this blog post I also mentioned approximately when align about the price. The price doe signage daily and depends heavily on foreign exchange as well as country of shipping.

iHerb ships internationally so even though I kept referring to the UK here, you can change the country of shipping in the right top corner on the website and see the prices and products available for your country.

iHerb prices include all taxes unless otherwise specified. You should not have any surprises upon arrival and you do get multiple shipping options as well. If you pick FedEx or more so DHL, things are a bit trickier a steer are products that bring up the shipping costs or others that lower them. Particularly iHerb branded products bring down the shipping cost.

Lately though, iHerb also added various free shipping options (above an okay/acceptable spend threshold) but the delivery won’t arrive in 4 working days as with the above mentioned couriers but rather in around 2-3 weeks. Personally, this time since I have three different orders I choose the free option. I am in no hurry to get my parcels and would rather not pay the equivalent of £20 or so on shipping.

Three orders seems excessive. They would have bene two but the free shipping for my country does have a weight threshold and I was over that so had to split… The third order was not planned, but then I saw the Neogen products on sale so it could not be helped. I never got them pads at such a low price.

I am a bit past feeling guilty this month. There is no point anymore… yes, it is that bad so you will have some interesting reading in the next month’s summary if you stick around until hen.

I will do better starting next month :|.

Shop iHerb here.

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