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Flash Sale: I Dew Care Sheet mask Set

I’m so excited to share with you all my favorite sheet mask set – the I Dew Care Sheet Mask Set! This is a product that I have been using for over a year now, and it’s one that I always stock up on whenever I find it on offer. As you probably guessed, the set is currently on offer so I just had to share because it would be a shame for any of you to miss out on this incredible opportunity. The I Dew Care Sheet Mask Set is just too good to pass up.

The I Dew Care Sheet Mask Set is the perfect gift for any woma looking to pamper and restore her skin’s natural radiance! This wonderful set comes with 14 sheet masks, just enough to last you an entire month if you do not apply them daily. The set contains 6 types of sheet masks, each dealing with a different skincare concern – perfect for treating yourself or gifting away!

The set contains the following sheet masks:

  • In The Zone | 20 mL / 0.67 fl. oz. x 3 ea – this is a Pore Tightening Tea Tree Mask
  • Up All Night | 20 mL / 0.67 fl. oz. x 3 ea. – this is a Brightening Citrus Lime Mask
  • Time Warp | 20 mL / 0.67 fl. oz. x 2 ea. – this is a Firming Acai Berry Mask
  • Morning Dew | 20 mL / 0.67 fl. oz. x 2 ea. – this is a Hydrating Lotus Flower Mask
  • Olive ‘Bout You | 20 mL / 0.67 fl. oz. x 2 ea. – this is a Nourishing Olive Mask
  • Unwind | 20 mL / 0.67 fl. oz. x 2 ea. – this is a De-Stressing Mugwort Leaf Mask

The I Dew Care Sheet Masks are incredibly effective in helping to improve the appearance and texture of skin. They provide intensive hydration, while also helping to reduce visible signs of aging and this is applicable to each type not just a particular one. All sheet masks are super hydrating, much more so than most others I have tried before.

Furthermore, the I Dew Care Sheet Masks contain natural ingredients that nourish and protect the skin from environmental damage. The luxurious masks also provide a pleasant and relaxing experience, making them perfect for winding down after a long day. I always feel more energized and refreshed after using my I Dew Care Sheet Masks – they’ve definitely become one of my favorite beauty products!

Do I have a favourite?

Yes and no. I prefer the Morning Dew and the Time Wrap masks as I can feel both the extra hydration as well as the tightening that the first type and respectively the second confer, however I cannot say that I dislike any of them. These are just the two that I would use all the time if possible, but the rest are pretty great as well. I am not exaggerating, but no sheet mask set has impressed me this much. It makes total sense to grab it as there is value in it.

Right now you can save big on the sheet mask set with this amazing sale – don’t miss out on this incredibly affordable opportunity to get glowing skin without breaking the bank! (for most countries, the set mask set is at around 55% off which trust me, does not happen often for this particular product).

The I Dew Care Sheet Mask Set is available at iHerb. For this unfamiliar with the retailer, iHerb is an online retailer that specializes in natural health, wellness, and beauty products. They offer a wide selection of supplements, vitamins, herbs, health foods, beauty products, and more. iHerb ships to over 160 countries around the world and they strive to provide customers with the best value for their money by offering quality products at low prices. Also, iHerb is totally legit as I have tried and tested it several times and I have to add that it is becoming one of my favourite retailers. So, so worth it! However, you need to track the products you are interested in in order to get the best deal possible.

What do you think of this I Dew Care Sheet Mask Set?

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