Beauty Bay Sale Items That Caught My Eye

I spent so much on beauty in recent days. I spent way too much and I cannot wait to review all those products for you. There is a lot of Colour Pop Cosmetics, Fourth Ray Beauty (ColourPop’s sister brand that focuses on skincare), several huge Boots UK hauls and a few from Superdrug and one from Beauty Bay. I really went overboard this time. It is hard not to! There are so many great offers out there.

The latest offer that has caught my eye is the Beauty Bay sale. Now is the time to feel sorry for myself and regret not waiting for this amazing time to place my order. But I do not. Actually, none of the products that I just got are on sale so that is a relief. However, there are a few more products from Beauty Bay that I would not mind trying.

Skin79 Neroli Skin Clearing Toner

Neroli Skin Clearing Toner

This is a gentle toner from Skin79. Isn’t it cute? You know that I generally stay away from toners as I feel that most of them are not that good or do not provide any benefits to my skin. I did find a few that I did like and those are the Pixi Glow and the Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea, but very few others managed to hold my interest. However, fro research purposes I am willing to give some more toners a try. This one from Skin79 is one of them.

Zoeva Screen Queen Complete Eye Set

screen queen complete eye set zoeva

Another product that has caught my eye is the Screen Queen Complete Eye Set. I do love my pink, but that is not the only reason why I had a look at this set. I actually don’t think I have a proper eye makeup brush set and this would be a great time to get one. Zoeva does have some pretty amazing brushes.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Highlighter in Monarch 

Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Highlighter in Monarch 

I recently tried some rose gold eyeshadow and ever since I have been looking everywhere for more products in those shades. I never thought that it would be a colour that I could pull off or that was even worth trying since it can resemble my skin tone so much, but it looks gorgeous on me. Light light shades are really perfect fro a day, innocent like look. Yeah, yeah. How could I not know that? Well, we cannot all be perfect *wink. This Stila product in Monarch is really pretty and so tempting, argh.

Saturday Skin Holiday Bright Skincare Set 

Screenshot 2019-05-24 at 16.52.48

Now, this is a set I really want. I tried several products from Saturday skin and they definitely did not fail to impress me. From this particular set I only tried two – the two sheet masks and let me tell you, they are really worth it. These two sheet masks from the set are perhaps the best sheet masks I have ever used. They completely transformed my skin. Also, the two sheet masks cost around 50% of the sale price of this set.

I did not try the cleanser or the eye cream though. However, I am really curious to try them.

BH Cosmetics Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick

Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick

I have been looking for the perfect shade of berry for a while now. I am not sure whether this will be it as none of the previous shades I tried have been the right shade, but I don’t have anything to lose. Plus, this BH Cosmetics lipstick in Rapture is 50% off.

Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor Guest List Eyeshadow Palette

makeup revolutionLife On The Dance Floor Guest List Eyeshadow Palette

As you can see, not everything that I like is pink. I am also pretty interested in this palette from Makeup Revolution. In fact, I tried to get it a couple of weeks ago from their official website but the transaction did not go through so I gave up on it. Now,I am reconsidering, especially as the palette is also on sale at Beauty Bay.

I never had the best experience with Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes, but I am willing to give them another try as I know that many of you love them.

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Cleansing Butter Pure Luxury Gentle Cleanser

24K Gold Cleansing Butter Pure Luxury Gentle Cleanser

Another product that caught my eye is this 24K Gold Cleansing Butter Pure Luxury Gentle Cleanser from Peter Thomas Roth. I tried several products from the brand, but I cannot seem to be able to make up my mind on whether I like the brand or not. It is just one of those brands, you know?

I have tons of cleansers and makeup removers. I have so many that I will never be able to go through all of them before they expire, but this gold cleansing butter looks so interesting. I never tried a gold product before and cleansing butters are some of my favourite type of cleansers… Decisions, decisions. What do you think? It is definitely temping to get this one right now as it is approximately 25% off.

Cellex-C Lift Effect Serum 

Screenshot 2019-05-24 at 17.24.33

Now, this is a product that I don’t know how or if I will even attempt to stop myself from purchasing. I recently say how the neck and décolletage looks on someone who is skinny, spent a lot of time in the sun and is in their 50s. Ever since, I have been freaking out.

I am neither of those things right now and the sun bit probably won’t be an issue for me, but the rest… I am honestly willing to do anything that I can to prevent having to many wrinkles in that area.

The Collex-C Lift Effect Serum is meant for a firmer, lifted appearance of the neck, jaw and décolletage area. I might not need this one just yet, but I know two people who do (one more than the other) and I want to see whether this one works at improving the appearance as well as maybe stop the ageing process.

This product is pricey as hell, but right now you can get it for less than 50% of its full price at Beauty Bay.


I went through over 60 pages full of products and these are the only ones that captured my attention. I did pretty good, no?

Given the amount of beauty products that I recently purchased, I am not sure how many of these will find themselves in my basket (hopefully not that many). We’ll see. In any case, any products that do make their way to me will one day be featured on this blog. I use the ‘one day’ very loosely as I am not that great at reviewing products as soon as I get them. as all of you probably know by now.


Is there anything on this list that got your attention?

What did you get from the Beauty Bay sale?


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