ritual of dao - ritual of jing

What Happened to The Ritual of Dao?

I love Rituals and the story behind each of their lines. However, from all the ranges, The Ritual of Dao was my favourite.

A few weeks ago, when I first went to a shopping centre after some of the restrictions were lifted, I saw the beautiful green bottles I knew and loved and headed starlight towards them. Then I stopped. The green bottles standing proudly on the Rituals’ display shelves were not the products I knew and loved. In fact, the products I was looking for, were nowhere to be found. Before I got the chance to investigate or freak out, a sales assistant came over to tell me that the Ritual of Dao range was discontinued. I was shocked to say the least. That is not the news I needed.

However, the same sales assistant was quick to tell me that the range was simply renamed and relaunched. I was skeptical to say the least. In all my years avoiding the retailer (I abhor shopping there, but the location was new so I was willing to give the store a shot since it was a new concept store), I never found a sales assistant there that a actually knew her stuff. I don’t have anything against SA, just so we are clear, but some…

Last weekend, I decided to give it a chance, especially since I had a loyalty voucher to spend in store. I went for the one product that I knew would not bother me if I hated which is a reed diffuser.

F**k. I just realised that the first photos on my current phone were of the Ritual of Dao Reed Diffuser taken back in Vienna around two years ago. I had been looking forward to using them and now I probably won’t get to. And I am so going to use one of them here. You probably already saw it. This is what happens when I write as I think.

Anyway, reed diffusers are a safe bet to try a new fragrance. Worst come to worst, I would have been able to simply place the diffuser in the bathroom or something and still get some use of the product. It is less personal than a body cream or mist so more likely to get used even if I did not like it. However, there was no need for all the stress.

For the first time in my life, I actually met a sales assistant at that particular retailer that knew her stuff, at least where Rituals was concerned. The Ritual of Dao is still here, just under another name and with a slightly different packaging. So if you are a fan such as myself, there is no reason to worry. The gorgeous and relaxing scent that we all associated with the Ritual of Dao is still with us, but as the Ritual of Jing.

I don’t know why the name changed, I was not expecting it either. I tried to find out whether the name has a connotation that the brand did not want to be associated with, however I came up empty. If you know, let us know as well!

The point is that even though the name changed, the scene of the Ritual of Jing is the same as the once we have gotten accounted to and perhaps even fell in love with in the Ritual of Dao.

For those who are not certain or perhaps want to discover the Ritual of Jing, you can get the products from here: (I liked to the reed diffuser, but on the websites you can find the rest of the range)

The Ritual of Jing (ex-Dao) is relaxing, soft and unisex. It reminds me of nature, but more of a forest rather than a field. It is not super woodsy though, there is another Rituals range that covers those type of scents. Have fun discovering this new range.

Do you love Rituals? Have you ever tried the Ritual of Dao before?

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