IGK Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil Review

igk oil cleaning smoke and mirrors

Have you ever found a beauty product that you were unsure how to use? I have. One such product is the IGK Smoke and Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil.

I first purchased the IGK Smoke and Mirrors Cleansing Oil several months back in order to qualify for a gift with purchase from Space.NK. I am bend on trying as many products from IGK as I possibly can because IGK is perhaps one of the best hair brands out there. I loved every single one of their products until I came across Smoke and Mirrors. But that is not all so do read till the end.

When I finally got around to trying Smoke and Mirrors I discovered a small issue. I had no idea how to use the product. Was it a shampoo? Was it a conditioner? Was it both? The product description states as follows:

“Sweep away impurities while nourishing your scalp with this dream cocktail of coconut oil and powerful hydrators. Perfect for anyone looking for their healthiest lengths ever, especially those with color-treated hair, dry scalps or unruly curls.”

I don’t know about you, but I did not find that description at all helpful. It is too interpretable. I hate when companies focus on writing great copy, but yet forget to mention what actually matters.

So that is how my search started. I had the product and I wasn’t going to pst give up on it. I started searching the internet on how to use this product and I found that many others were just as confused as I was. There were many recommendations and I tried most of the ones that made sense to me. None of them really worked for my long hair. One such recommendation that did not work was using the product as a shampoo just by itself. Maybe it could work on short hair? I don’t really know, but it definitely did not work on mine.

igk oil cleaning smoke and mirrors

You need to remember that back then oil cleansing was not a thing. Not really. Looking back, I feel like an idiot, but now I cannot imagine my life without this product in it.

How do you get the most out of the Smoke and Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil from IGK?

Quite simple. You first apply this product as you would a shampoo. You then rinse it and apply your regular shampoo and then rinse again. So you are basically performing a double cleanse, but instead of using a shampoo both times, you use an oil cleanser one of those times. If you’ve read my article on oil cleansing then you probably remember that there are some benefits to using oil cleansers and one such benefit is the fact that oil attracts oil thus making your hair cleaner. Smoke and Mirrors definitely fits that category.

The Smoke and Mirrors from IGK is then a coconut oil infused cleanser that also does a great job in leaving your hair hydrated and your scalp feeling very comfortable on top of playing  an essential role  in leaving your hair super clean and looking gorgeous for longer.

Since the product also does an amazing job at hydrating, I do not feel the need of using conditioner anymore. So actually your haircare routine should not take any loner than it normally does.

Also another thing to note is that I achieved better results if I used Smoke and Mirrors first and then my regular shampoo. Otherwise, there is a risk of ending up with oily hair even though it has been recently washed.

Overall, despite the small issue I encountered at first, I truly cannot see myself living without this product in my life. Ever since I started using Smoke and Mirrors from IGK and taking part in oil cleansing, my hair has never looked better. In addition, not only is my hair looking amazing, but it also stays clean for longer. For someone with incredibly oily roots, that is incredible.

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Have you ver tried anything from IGK? What do you think of Smoke and Mirrors?


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  1. Well, you got me. I’m definitely trying this oil shampoo cleanse. Gonna check out IGK. Any other brands/products you recommend for this purpose?

    1. Not quite the same, but the Elixir shampoo from Kerastase works incredibly well. Its equivalent from Elseve/Elvive (depending on your location) is also okay.

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