glossy box uk september 2019

Glossy Box UK September 2019 Review

It has been exactly one year since I last purchased a Glossy Box. I have to say that it is nice and yet incredibly sad that nothing has changed when it comes to these boxes. While back in the day I used to be excited to receive one of these Glossy Box subscription boxes, those days are long gone. And for good reason.

My first impression of the 2019 September of the Glossy Box UK is not a positive one. There is absolutely nothing impressive about the box at first sight. And the box is even less impressive once I started getting used to boxes such as the FabFitFun one. Sure, the two boxes have a very different price tag, but even when we compare the GlossyBox with another box from the same price bracket, it still fails to deliver.

Then why did I subscribe and did my impression improve once I started playing the products?

Well, the answer to the first questions is pretty simple. As a subscriber you get priority access to the advent calendar as well as a small discount. So if, yes if, they will process my order for the advent calendar then I basically got the box for free. If not… The reason for that “if” is due to the fact that last year the company was unable to shop the advent calendar to my address. It is funny, not? They were able to send the box, but not the calendar. What is the difference?

As for the second questions, did my first impression improve?

No, not really.

But first, let’s talk about the products included in the box.


Glossy Box September 2019 Contents

  • Mayy – Banana setting powder – £15 RRP
  • Colgate Max White – Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste – £4 RRP
  • Palmer’s Cococnut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Pack – £2.48 RRP
  • Carex- Hand Gel – £1.55 RRP
  • Mitchell and Peach – Flora No 1 Fine edition eau de perfume – deluxe mini worth £29.75
  • Delicious Body – Original Black Tea Body Scrub – £7.95 RRP

plus a Godiva Chocolate.

Like I said above, my impression of the box did not really change. Not even after I started playing the products a bit more.  Sure, I might have high expectations, but when you think about the amount of competition of the market, that is to be expected no? I don’t think that I am THAT unreasonable. Remember, here we are talking about a big brand, with connections and a significant budget operating in a crowded market. It is in their best interest to try as hard as they can to impress.

I know that the value of the products adds up and you do get more for your money. However, when you look at the products, do you really get enough value out of it? I don’t really think so.

The September edition of the Glossy Box contains at least three products that I honestly don’t know why they were even included. Hand gel, chocolate and toothpaste? Hmm. Those are definitely not the things that I want to see in a beauty box. Maybe if the products were from some other brands I would have been more happy to receive them, e.g from an independent brand or some cool new launch from a more fancy brand. Fast moving consumer goods that I pick up at my local grocery store are just meh. If I wanted to try the toothpaste or the chocolate or even the hand gel, I could have easily picked it up myself. I don’t have anything against the brands and maybe you feel the need to call me spoiled (go ahead, I won’t judge), but these toiletries are something really personal and part of basic self-care where a subscription box brand has no place meddling IMO.

My dislike here has absolutely nothing to do with the brands or even the value of the products. It is the principle and the idea of getting these type of boxes to discover new and interesting products that are not that easy to come by.


The way Glossy Box managed to slightly redeem this edition is my including the deluxe Mini from Mitchell and Peach. Now that is one product that I am a bit more excited to see and use. I never heard of the brand, plus their products are quite highly priced so this is a great opportunity to try their products before making a purchase. Another product that does not look half bad is the tea scrub.

I don’t really know what else to say that I have not said already. The September edition of the GlossyBox UK is the perfect example of why I did not feel the need to resubscribe to the service in the past 12 months. With so many competitors out there, there is just no way I would rather spend my money on this service. The only reason why I got the box this time is for potentially being able to get my hands on the advent calendar that the brand is releasing in the immediate future. as for my first impressions of the box, like I said several times, they did not really change as I started looking at the products a bit more. They might have improved slightly with the inclusion of the body scrub and particularly with the inclusion of the eau de perfume from Mitchell and Peach, but not enough for me to say that the box is worth purchasing.


What do you think of the September 2019 GlossyBox?


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