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One night when I could not sleep, I decided to check whether my favorite product was available online (cause that is what crazy people such as myself do). You see, I already exhausted the best offers available in all stores I have access to and I even purchased all the stock at a discount from a kinda shady website that I do have some faith in because I have visited their physical stores. 

Once I discovered that I could get the product at a discounted price, I stopped paying full price, but after a while, I was left without options. The product – the Ziaja Hand and Body Gel was no longer available anywhere else and my stock was running super low. 

It was the middle of the night and when I saw the amazing price – less than 50% the price I would have had to pay in-store, I decided to leave caution behind and go for it. It sounded too good to be true and such things usually are, but….it tuned out okay. 

The shop I placed my Ziaja order with is called Parfimo. 

shopping at parfimo box contents

What is Parfimo?

Parfimo is an online retailer that specializes in perfume, but they sell pretty much everything you would expect to see a beauty retailer offering. Now, if you were to ask me more about the origins of the entity, I cannot honestly tell you where they are from. My research showed that the parent company might be a Bulgarian entity, but I have not managed to confirm this information. 

Where can you find Parfimo?

Parfimo has a vast online presence and it is available in several countries, particularly in those from Central and Eastern Europe. Countries where you can find Pafimo include: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria and more. 

What is Parfimo known for? 

I guess the answer to this question really depends on who you are asking. If I were to answer this question, I would say amazing prices and Ziaja. However, that is my perception based on my own use of the website. From what I could find online, the website is known for its perfumes and particularly for selling affordable and original perfumes. However, there is a bit more to it than just that. 

Parfimo sells both regular perfumes, but what they are known for is for selling testers of perfumes. This is why they can be so affordable. I don’t know about you, but my first encounter which such things outside of stores was a bit illuminating. When I refer to testers I mean actual testers like the ones you see in stores and not samples or travel-sized items. Testers. T

I will cover this in more detail below, but let’s put it like this – you basically get your perfume, in a perfume bottle, but without a cap and in a white, no label box. It looks basically the same as the original and scent wise it should be identical, but the box is not like the ones you would get if you were to pick up the product in an actual store. I had no idea you could even buy such things until I received one some years back. 

ziaja hand and body gel parfimo

My experience with Parfimo 

As mentioned above, I went to Parfimo for Ziaja and I got myself quite a few bottles of the product that I was looking for and then some. 

The first thing I noticed was that the price of the product I wanted. The price was 50% of the price I would find in stores and the product was further discounted. It was tempting to get even more bottles than I ultimately ended up buying, however, I had a look around the website and saw that the retailer carries more or less the entire range from Ziaja. 

At Parfimo, I was able to find products I could not find anywhere else locally such as newer launches and some more specialized products. As such, I kept removing some of the bottles of the Ziaja Hand and Body Gel I initially went for in order to make some more space for the items I have been meaning to try and never thought I would get the chance. I also added a few things from other brands that were much more affordable than at the stores I usually shop at. 

I tried to keep my overall spend on the low side and still get a feel for the retailer as well as get enough of the product I decided to shop at the store for. I did not want to lose too much money in case things turned out horribly wrong. 

There was no reason to worry as it turned out. The parcel was dispatched less than 12 hours after I placed my order and in about 48 hours I received my parcel. 


As I mentioned above, I received my parcel in less than 48 hours. It was surprisingly fast. I had similar experiences in the past with other retailers, even this Saturday I received an order at 10 am that I had placed at 4 PM on Friday, however, it was still amazing that they managed to move so fast. More so, when I discovered that the parcel was shipped from Prague (I originally wrote Poland as I keep getting parcels from Poland even when I shop on local websites….I checked again and this one was the exception, it came from the Czech Republic) 

You can track your parcel and see where it is with pretty great accuracy. The system got updated quite often which was nice. 

What surprised me even further was that the products came in nice boxes. It was fully possible to get something that looked like it belonged in the trash. That was not the case though. Sure, the boxes I received were plain, brown cardboard boxes, but they were pretty sturdy and had a cute printed tape all around keeping the items inside from spilling out. Plus, they looked super clean. Both the box and the items inside. 

There was a bit too much bubble wrap though. I wish they would have replaced it with paper or something more sustainable. On the other hand, I am glad that it kept my products safe.


Indeed, the products I received were in mint condition on the outside, the packaging was super clean. I can’t tell you just how many times I received products from well-known retailers that were dusty or had all sorts of marks on them. That was not the case here. 

Were the products what I expected them to be though? 

Yes, they were. The products were original and high quality just as I hope they would be. The only difference I was able to spot between the many bottles of Ziaja Hand and Body Gel I got previously from local retailers and these ones from Parfimo was the label. The bottles I used up had an English label and were pricier while these ones had a label in Polish. It does not bother me as long as the product is of the same quality and does what it is supposed to do. 

I have no way of comparing the rest of the products that I got as I never had them before, but both the serum from Revox and the rest of the Ziaja products are high quality. Honestly, I have no concerns. 

Is Parfimo Legit? 

As you can tell, I have very limited experience with Parfimo, but so far I have no reason to believe that that online retailer is not legit. It seems a bit strange, I give you that. I also hesitated when it came to placing my first order, however, compared to other such stores and there are a few if you only search for more obscure products – Google tends to recommend them – even compared to those that have brick and mortar stores I visited in person and looked legit, this one inspired more confidence. The service was just better.

The fast and efficient service definitely help increase my confidence in this retailer. 

For now, I have no reasons to suspect that the store is not legit, that the store sells fake products. Then again, I have only tried skincare and did not venture in perfume territory.


For now, I do recommend giving Parfimo a try. I will continue to shop there for the time being. Their prices are unbeatable, their website is easy to navigate and it is fairly easy to find what you are looking for. The selection of products is pretty nice and they sell products that are otherwise unavailable where I am based these days. The service was excellent in my experience. The one thing I did not enjoy was having to pay for shipping but it was less than what other retailers charge. 

Might be worth a look, that is all I am saying!

Shop at Parfimo here.

You can switch countries at the bottom, but usually you just need to change the domain extension to that usually used by website sin your country.

Have you ever shopped at Parfimo? What was your experience like? Are you curious to give it a try? 

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  1. I never heard of them, as it turns out, they operate under a different name here. Have no experience though, but I’m glad to hear about yours. I’ll keep it in mind in the future

    1. You are right. Cannot believe I did not spot that 🙂 I am even more impressed that my Ziaja to go to product is even less expensive than I got it for. I know that it is local, but I got such an incredible price for it that it seemed impossible to find it more affordable

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