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This is a review I never though I would ever write. Honest. As you probably know, I have been a huge fan of Sol de Janeiro since I first got their Bum Bum Cream, well a deluxe size of it, in my Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar back in 2017. It has been a while since, but my love for the brand only grew from there. 

In the time since, I also started using their Brazilian 4Play Shower Cream Gel, the Brazilian Touch Hand Cream, their Brazillian Joia Shampoo, their Brazilian Kiss Lip Balm, body mist and I even attempted some of their other ranges such as the coconut one or the açai one (now discontinued). It has been a wild ride. However, the one product I never thought I would ever try is the Glow Body Oil. Never say never! Since I got the Glowmotions from Sol de Janeiro in ‘Rio Sunset’ as part of my Cult Beauty Goody Bag, I decided to give it a go.  While I briefly considered giving it away, I decided to keep it as I was and still am sure I will probably never buy it. Not a spoiler though so keep reading *wink. 

Sol de Janeiro Glowmotions Review 

This is not the type of product I ever had a need of. I guess you already guessed that. I have made it pretty clear without actually spelling it out above. However, since such products flooded the market a couple of years back, I have tried a few glow body oils such as this one myself. Okay, maybe not such as this one. 

The first thing you notice when you try the Glowmotions Glow Oil from Sol de Janeiro is consistency. While other such products are oily or even watery and contain a bit of glitter or a more diluted liquid highlighter type of formula, this one from Sol de Janeiro is buttery. There is just no other way to put it. The product is a rich, glowy, butter liquid and it feels incredible on the skin. Who would have thought? Quality wise, this has to be the best glow oil I ever tried. 

Application is super easy. It pretty much goes without saying and yet I am saying it anyway :). You just need to pump it out and rub it into your skin. The oil absorbs pretty fast and does not make a mess. However, the skin might feel sort of wet or rather sticky for a while. It is weird as it seems like the product gets absorbed and yet….It is funny just how similar it is to any other good body oil. Funny as in, it is pretty much a regular body oil. 

This Rio Sunset “shade” that I received in the Cult Beauty Goody Bag is pretty much invisible on my pasty, white skin. Since it is not glittery as in filled with glitter particles that stick to everything, I cannot really see much. There is a faint glow situation going on which I love, but if you were hoping for more, you won’t get it. Maybe on tan skin or darker complexions it would be more visible, or the glow would pop out more, but in my experience, it is very discreet. It just makes the skin loo less dull and perhaps a bit more healthy. Perfect for everyday use rather than for a party. 

Look, there is no question about it. This product looks more elegant, more refined if you will, as it is does not scream look at me nor does it turn you into a disco ball, however it might not be for everyone. It really comes down to needs and preferences. I like the effects, but at the same time, you can pretty much achieve the same thing with a body oil IMO. 

Another thing you need to know about this product from Sol de Janeiro is that it is super fragranced. It has a similar scent to the ones found in the rest of the yellow range they carry, the Cheirosa ’62 scent. The fragrance is lovely, but it might be too much for some. 

Overall, while I do like the Glowmotion from Sol de Janeiro, I do not really need it. I know I won’t use it so I have no plans to purchase it anytime soon. However, should my needs change, this is definitely the product of its kind, the product marketed in this way that I would go for, unless I were to discover anything better in the meantime of course. 

Where can you purchase the Sol de Janeiro Glowmotions Glow Body Oil from?

Cult Beauty


Harvey Nichols




Sephora Canada

Have you ever used a glow body oil? What was your experience like?

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