Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream

Sol de Janeiro is one of my favourite brands. There is that. You know it, I know it. There is no reason to talk about just how great this brand is anymore as you probably heard it time and time again, both from me and other bloggers. You might’ve already experienced it by yourself. So let’s get this done with and talk about the product in question which is the Brazilian Touch Hand Cream, one Cheirosa ’62 Sol de Janeiro product I have not mentioned yet on this blog.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream Review

The Brazilian Touch Hand Cream is yet another product from Sol de Janeiro that is in the same collection as their famous Bum Bum Cream. You already know that I love the scent so, so much that there was no way I would not give the hand cream a try. I already tried the body cream, the candle, the lip balm, the shower gel and hopefully I will also try the shampoo very soon. Yes there is a shampoo and conditioner now too, but more about that some other time.

Okay, so back to the hand cream.

I use hand cream because my skin cracks easily. I wash my hands way too often, but weather also has something to do with it. Anyway, hand cream is non negotiable. It is something I just have to have in my life as otherwise the results won’t be pretty. However, most hand creams either do not work, are too greasy or both. Where does the Brazilian Touch Hand Cream stand?


There is nothing super complex about the Sol de Janeiro hand cream, but the cream is special nonetheless and let me tell you why.

The hand cream was not only formulated using the same fragrance as the rest of this collection from Sol de Janeiro, but it also has a similar texture to the body cream. The Brazilian Touch Hand Cream is soft and sort of fluffy and the best part is that it dries up very velvety which means that there is no reason to worry about leftover grease. You can safety use this hand cream when at the office or when you are anywhere near a keyboard. Who likes getting grease on keyboards? Not me, that is for sure!

While the scent is important for me as it always puts me in a good mood and I also love the fact that this hand cream is not greasy, the reason why I like it even more is the fact that the hand cream is actually effective. Not only did this hand cream managed to repair my skin, it also helps me maintain it healthy. I have been using this hand cream from Sol de Janeiro for quite a while and it still works. That almost never happens. Two tubes later and my skin is still soft and velvety. There is no way I am giving this one up anytime soon. Just saying!

Overall, I am a huge fan of Sol de Janeiro and this product is no different. It is a really good product that does its job while putting you in a good mood due to its incredible scent. Furthermore, the cream is non greasy and yet it super effective. I highly recommend getting a tube or more. You can never have too many really.

Where can you buy the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hans Cream?



Have you tried the Brazilian Touch Hand Cream? Do you have a favourite Sol de Janeiro product?


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