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The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream

I don’t buy many things from the Body Shop. In fact, I tend to kinda avoid the shop, however sometimes it is tempting to try some of their products. This time, I was lucky to receive one of the Body Shop’s hand creams in the Glossy Box 2019 Beauty Advent Calendar.


The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream


Having a good hand cream nearby is really important, especially in winter (or if you live in London). Harsh winter (or water) conditions can have a negative impact on the skin. Not sure about you, but the skin on my hands tends to seriously crack under such conditions. It can get so bad that I can barely stand it. For this reason, I tried so many hand treatments and creams. However, not all are good or some stop working after a while. For this reason, I can never have to many hand creams.

But despite my dire need for a good hand cream, I also have several other requirements. I type a lot (obviously) so I need hand creams that not only work, but also absorb fast. So is the Mango hand cream from The Body Shop a good fit?

Surprisingly, yes.

The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream is pretty nourishing and has a light, almost gel like texture which makes the cream absorb really fast. I really enjoy how fast it absorbs actually. In addition, the hand cream dries out pretty velvety and there is no grease left which makes it perfect for those of us who use a keyboard all day long. Say goodbye to greasy keyboard.

Not only is the Body Shop hand cream pretty effective, but it also has a really nice mango fragrance. It reminds me of the Mango Body Yogurt, also from The Body Shop. It is fruity, but not obnoxiously so. It is actually pretty nice and airy.

Overall, the Body Shop Mango Hand Cream is not an extraordinary product by any means. However, it is a nice and effective product that is affordable. Furthermore, it does its job really well which what matters at the end of the day. Personally, I do recommend purchasing the hand cream and I will surely do the same in the future.

You can buy the Mango Body Shop Gand Cream here:


Have you tried the Mango hand cream? Any other Body Shop hand cream recommendations?


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