CULT51 Night Cream Review

Don’t know about you, but I never heard of Cult51 before opening the ninth drawer in the Fortnum and Mason Beauty Advent Calendar. However, now that I have, maybe I should have paid more attention sooner.

Cult51 Night Cream

The Cult51 is a cute little night cream with a strange and yet lovely texture and an even stranger scent.

Okay, that is the gist of it, but now let’s discuss in more detail.

The Cult51 night cream is a product that has a quite a light texture compared to most night creams. So if you ever struggled to get a night cream to absorb into your skin, then this might be a suitable option. My mother has that issue quite frequently no matter the brand – Augustinus Bader, Chanel, you name it. That did not happen here. Personally, I never encountered that many night creams that did not work for me, but there have been a few. This was not one of them. The Cult51 night cream absorbed almost instantly into my skin (and into my mom’s). I even wondered whether I needed to apply more than my usual amount. I did try once for the sake of experimenting and it went straight in once again.

Before going into the deep stuff, let’s discuss that strange scent I mentioned above. Yes, the Cult51 night cream has a strange scent. It is not unpleasant by any means nor it screams artificial. That is not the case. It seems more like a combination of herbs, however it can take some getting used to. It is not a big deal, but it is something that I felt the need to mention as it really took me by surprise and thought you should know as well.

Based on the ingredient list, the night cream is very suitable for those with dry and sensitive skin. However, there are some ingredients that might not work as well for those with oily skin. The night cream contains Glyceryl Stearate SE and Isopropyl Myristate which can clog pores.

I have oily skin and surprisingly I have not been affected by this night cream. I tend to break out from quite a few things, but this night cream was not one of them.

The night cream is Parabem, Sulfate and Alcohol free which is great. However, unfortunately the cream from Cult51 does contain silicones and certain ingredients that might affect fungal acne. This is something to keep in mind if you suffer from the previously mentioned condition. Skincare should be about helping the skin and making you feel great!

Okay, so now that we talked about ingredients, let me tell you a bit more about my experience. I obviously cannot tell whether this cream will work for you, but it did work for me ( and my mother actually). Despite having oily skin, I did not react to this cream nor did my pores get clogged. In fact, I ended up with super soft skin due to its conditioning ingredients. It is really hard to abstain myself from touching it, but I do know that is a no-no, so I do try my best. It is really soft though. Furthermore, the cream does not leave a greasy sheen onto the skin due to its amazing absorption powers. I particularly like that as I hate getting product all over my pillow case and then there is the feel of that grease (eww). In the morning my skin looked great, not as plump as I was expecting it to look, but good. Also, I did not notice a huge improvement in the fine lines that I have around my mouth, but that is what I have serums for. The conditioning effect is amazing though.

Overall, I really like the Cult51 night cream. I think it is an interesting product that deserves a chance. Despite having some of the cream left, I am seriously considering getting a new jar. There is definitely something about this cream that is worth exploring.

I cannot say that this is the best night cream out there, but it is definitely different. Personally, what I loved most was the texture and the absorption power, as well as the fact that this night cream left my skin feeling super soft. Now it is up to you to decide whether it is something you want to try or not.

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What do you think of the night cream from Cult51? Is it something you would try?


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