I am back with another review. This time I want to talk about a product I have been using on and off for several years, but recently discovered something very interesting about. Read below to find out what I am talking about. See you in the comments box!

Okay, my intro was even weirder than usual cause I have no idea what to write. I did not come prepare to write this post specifically. I already had something else planned for today which incorporated the bigger part of what follows. But hope you will enjoy it nonetheless or at least find it remotely useful.

Sensai Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Mask Review

The Sensai Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Mask is a creamy, light mask. You apply the mask as you would any moisturiser and you can just as easily wipe it off after it sat on your face for long enough. I have to say that I am incredibly grateful for this as I sometimes I do not apply my masks as often as I should as they are difficult to remove and thus keep postponing the process. That is not the case here. The Cellular Performance Mask from Sensai comes off if you just wipe it off with a wet cloth or you can wash it off, but you do not need to rub at it or anything. Having this product on your face is like having a moisturiser on, but in a thicker layer.

All good so far. However, despite the nice texture, the scent is something that takes some getting used to. This product is highly scented which might put off many of you. I am not usually bothered by fragranced skincare, but in this case, I also found it to be a bit too much. I cannot say that this mask smells like luxurious skincare, but also cannot say that it does not. It has an older type of fragrance attached to it, it is not unpleasant per se, but not something I find necessary or something that adds to the experience in any way.

I am willing to look past the fragrance issues though. The mask is really good and I am glad that I got the chance to revisit it and even more so that it provided me with an unexpected solution to a problem I have been dealing with or rather, we have been dealing with for months now. More about this below. The mask itself is very hydrating, it softens the skin and leaves it more glowing and plump. What is there not to like about that?

In addition, the Cellular Performance Mask deals with the indentations/lines left by protection masks/face coverings. Yes, you read that right. I am sure you might have experience this at some point, but then again, it depends on your protective gear and on the size of your head and mask/face covering. My head is quite big (family thing). I am no bothered by the indentations as they tend to go away in my case, however my family members are stuck wearing protective gear for 8 hours or so per day. After a while, those lines left behind stopped disappearing completely. After hours of taking off face masks, the indentations on the cheeks are still there. Not even a good night of sleep can take them away. As such, I was happy to discover an alternative use, or rather, an additional use to a product I have enjoyed for several years now.

After keeping the product on for 20-30 minutes, the lines are almost all gone. It depends on the depth of the indentation (and no, they are nor wrinkles. Yes, I am sure. They are too deep and in the middle of the cheek to be confused with wrinkles), but most disappear after using this product from Sensai. So the results we have achieved, especially in the case of my family members, in 30 minutes with this mask are better than those after a night of sleep. Totally unexpected effect like I said above, and yet, very welcomed.

Overall, I am happy with the Cellular Performance Mask from Sensai in general, but I am also grateful for this unintentional help it provides in dealing with the pesky lines left by protective gear. I am looking forward to using this product more in the future on a general basis, but also to help with the situation described above. I recommend this product if you are not averse to fragranced skincare.


Have you ever used this mask before? Do you have issues with lines left by protective gear?

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