New from Birchbox: Meet the Arrow

I just discovered a new brand and I could not skip this opportunity and not let you know about it. It seems that since GlossyBox created their own brand, Birchbox decided that it did not want to be left behind (completely understandable, especially as the GlossyBox has the support of The Hut Group behind them) and they decided to create their in-house brand as well. That brand is called Arrow and it is finally available on their website.

What is Arrow though?

According to Birchbox, Arrow is a brand that specialises in “lightweight, long-wearing make-up and refreshing skincare”. The brand in question was created to target active people and supposedly offers products that you can easily apply when you are rushing from one place to another.

Sounds interesting enough, but whether it works or not, only time will tell.

Where can you buy Arrow from?

Well, the Arrow products are available on the Birchbox website and they can be purchased individually or at this time, the retailer is running a kit offer which you read more about below. ( I suggest going for the kit offer for starters)

Meet the Arrow Kit

The Arrow Beauty Kit contains the following:

  • ARROW Radiant Skin Moisturizer, 10 ml;
  • ARROW Color Enhancing Lip Balm Blush;
  • ARROW Nourishing Lip Oil – Color Enhancing Pink, 3 ml;
  • ARROW Cooling Cheek Tint, Berry Pink, 3 ml;
  • ARROW Oil Cleansing Spray, 20 ml;
  • ARROW Detangling Texture & Protect Spray, 20 ml.

This starter kit from Arrow is available on the Birchbox website here and it retails for Β£25.


If when you saw the title “meet the Arrow” you first though of the DC Comics vigilante and you ended up disappointed, you are not alone. I mean seriously. I am being nerdy right now, but I would have been way more excited if that were the case.

A new beauty brand is usually a reason to jump with joy, at least fro me. However, there are so many new brands popping up every day and most are nothing to write home about… Birchbox managed to surprise me a few times in the past and I really hope that this is one of those rare occasions. The new brand looks cool and who knows? it might even be worth something. However, when I first saw it, I thought of the Aussie brand Ultra Violette. Yeah, I know they are quite different and they deal with different kind of products, but that is where my mind went to.

Despite being quite unsure about this new brand, I do recommend the kit as it is a great opportunity to test the products and see what they are all about. As you might have seen on the Birchbox website, they are not super affordable if purchased separately.

I definitely wanted to be more excited about this new brand, but I am not. At least, I am more intrigued than about the GlossyBox brand so that is something. I really do not know…

What do you think of this new brand?

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