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The Must Try Hyaluronic Acid Toner from It’s Skin

I know. I am back with the review of yet another toner, but since I just shared one on a toner from It’s Skin and you if you’ve read that post, then you know why I am so obsessed over toners such as this one I will be talking about, I thought I should go ahead and share this review as well. Oh wow, that was quite long. I thought that maybe in this manner, I will not babble as much. You already know what the deal is with K-Beauty toners and why I love them so much.

Okay, I am not expecting everyone to read the other article unless they are actually interested in the product (or at least curious), so here is a short recap. K-Beauty or Asian beauty toners have many active ingredients and are a world away from those western coloured, beautifully scented waters. Those waters are slowly going away, but there are still way more on the market than there should be.

My point is that I found another toner to review and I promise you this is a review you will want to read. This toner is unlike anything else I have ever purchased in this product category.

Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner Review

The Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner from It’s Skin is unlike any other I have tried so far. Trust me, I have been looking for something similar which is why I ended up purchasing around 20 bottles of toners or more in the past 12 months. Crazy! None of the toners before my crazy shopping spree for toners were anything remotely similar to this one from It’s Skin.

You might think that I am a few screw loose and who knows, maybe I am. I will neither admit or deny that. You might think I am exaggerating when I say this toner is different, but I kid you not. This toner from It’s Skin is definitely unlike the rest. I am not saying that this is the best toner out there, at least not yet. But, it is undoubtedly different.

How is it different? Well, the first thing I did when I opened the bottle was to turn it upside down and let the product drop onto a cotton round. At least that was my intention, but nothing happened at first. The product was thick. Not milky thick, but serum thick. You need to wait a few good seconds for the product to leave the bottle. It is that thick!

At first, I found that incredibly odd. I have never seen anything like it when it comes to toners. Never! I was also a bit apprehensive as until that point, I only used cotton rounds to apply toner. However, this one did not get along well with my Nivea rounds. No, no. However, on the bright side, I finally saw the potential of the lint-free cotton Japanese pads I kept buying in different shapes and forms and never quite knew what to do with. I used super thin ones, but also spongy ones and they worked way better than traditional drugstore cotton rounds. But you do not really need them either. This toner is formulated in such a manner that you could easily apply it directly with your fingers. It is serum like.

moisture toner hyaluronic acid it's Skin

In terms of application, I recommend using your fingers, Japanese cotton rounds or DIY sheet masks. Personally, I use a combination of the three, but not all at once obviously. I love applying it with my fingers, but what I like more is creating my own sheet mask or using spongy Japanese cotton to apply and keep on like patches on targeted areas.

As the name suggests, the product is formulated using hyaluronic acid. This is one of my to go to ingredients. The ingredient is quite common so maybe not as fancy as some proprietary ones, but it is an essential in my skincare routine. The effects are just wonderful. However, as always, do perform your research before introducing it into your routine and see if it is something that agrees with your skin type and conditions.

Hyaluronic acid is incredible for its ability to increase hydration of the skin and leaving the skin plump and dewy. In a nutshell.

I honestly thought I was going to get a bit of hydration with the toner, but the results were much more than expected. By making my own sheet masks and using the cotton as patches, I was able to achieve pretty neat results and my skin has never looked better and healthier. That is not to say that I do not have many other skin issues, but this toner does help immensely with one of them.

From all the toners I tried to this day, if I were to choose just one, I would pick this one. No question about that. Yes, I did enjoy it this much and I am incredibly happy to have found it. The quantity you get in a bottle is way more than what you would get in a serum bottle and the price is not half bad. The effects can be in the same range as you would get from using a hyaluronic acid serum, more or less. There is little difference when comparing it to the average serum, but it does come down to the quality of said serum.

I hope I made enough sense and that you were able to follow my thoughts. It is just that I have so many more things that I wish I could say about this product, but I simply cannot find the words. Nothing I can say would make it justice. It seems like this weird product and first, but then you truly get to see its potential and value… I am honestly blown away by how awesome the Moisture Toner from It’s Skin really is.

Where can you purchase the Moisture Toner by It’s Skin from?

Have you tried any serum-like toners before? Are you curious to give this product a try?

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