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You might already know this. I haven’t been shy in admitting it before, but I am obsessed with facial toners. I am aware that most of them have absolutely no value and bring no real benefit to the skin, bu I have also been quick to point out that it is not always the case.

So while Western facial toners have been nothing more than pretty coloured and beautifully scented waters for decades, they started changing in recent years. The change is due in the increased popularity of Asian beauty trends. Well, at least the expansion/discovery of such trends by the western world. That is all good and well. However. whenever I can, I prefer going directly to the source, so to speak. If I can get my hands on Asian beauty products then I will.

A few months ago, I discovered a local website that will probably not help many of you. However, this website that I thought of as shady due to the weird newsletters I have been receiving from them for around a decade now and kept ignoring as I thought of them as SPAM, turned out to be a gem. I signed up to their newsletter long before I was interested in beauty products and completely forgot. I had not opened one of their emails since then… BIG MISTAKE! Anyway, it turned out that the retailer has many less accessible K-Beauty products in stock and always imports new releases. As such, ever since I realised this, I have been hooked. They also offer very competitive prices and every single one of the products I got from them was original, with intact packaging. Long story short, I now have lots of K-beauty products to review.

For international deliveries, one website that I have tested and that offers high quality K-Beauty products is Althea Korea. I described my experience with the website here.

In the meantime, let’s talk about a toner that I got to test in recent month – today, I am going to share with you my thoughts and experience with the essential toner from the Cera Routine by It’s Skin. This is quite a popular brand so you should all be sort of accustomed to, to some degree or another. I might be mistaken, but I am pretty sure that at some point Boots used to sell some of their products. Does anyone remember?

Cera Routine Essential Toner Review

As mentioned above, I love toners and in particular Asian Beauty toners. What I might have not emphasised enough is “why”. These toners are not just useless products. Instead, they are filled with many active ingredients and their inclusion in your beauty routine can actually makes a difference. I tried anything from hydrating toners to peeling ones and my reaction was usually “wow”. I am not saying there are no duds, cause there are, but overall, I am pretty impressed.

When I found the Cera Routine Toner from It’s Skin on sale, I knew that I had to at least try it. Okay, a week prior, I gave another one of the brand’s toners a try and I was blown away (more onto that some other time). I had many reasons to want to try this one, that is certain. So I did.

Despite prior positive experiences, I did not want to have high expectations from the product. After all, I had only tried one other product from the brand by that point (now I am at my 12th or so product). Furthermore, I was complete aware that there were high chances of the product not working for me. With one exception, another Asian Beauty product from a brand that is no longer available as far as I know, Ceramides do not work for me.

The toner from It’s Skin is different, as even though it does resemble a toner, more so than other products from the brand that are also considered toners, it is thicker and more milk-like. It is liquid enough to apply with a cotton pad if you feel like it, but you can easily apply directly with your fingers, as you would a serum. I kinda liked that, to be honest. It can take some getting used to, but it is worth insisting.

In terms of effectiveness, the toner is hydrating and it leaves the skin feeling comfortable and looking a bit more plump. It is not as effective as a serum though. It is not at all refreshing and it cannot be used to remove any residues from your cleanser or lint from the towel you used to dry off after cleansing. The toner leaves the skin covered with a barely-there greasy sheen.

Does it work? Yes and no. It works pretty darn well if you have dry skin. However, as excepted, it so did not work for me. I have oily skin and despite being able to enjoy some of the benefits provided by the product, I felt like the product was sitting on top of the skin rather then actually entering the skin. Yes, even the small amount you would get by just passing a cotton round on the surface of the skin.

I also tried doing a DIY sheet mask using this product and I found that t be more effective for my oily skin, but still, the results were not that impressive as the ones I noticed on my friend who has dry skin.

In my opinion, if you had trouble with Ceramides in the past and/or you have oily skin, you might want to avoid this product. If you have dry skin on the other hand, you might want to give this one a try.

Where can you purchase the Cera Routine Toner by It’s Skin from?

Sole Ro

Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate other retailers that do not look shady. However, if you do see this product in store, the review might still help you decide whether you should try it or not. Do remember that each experience is different though.

Have you ever used any products from It’s Skin? How do you feel about K-beauty?

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