Nature Reopublic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream

Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream

When it comes to skincare, finding that perfect, all-in-one product can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not, my lovely readers, for I have found a gem that you’ll want to get your hands on: the Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream. This luxurious cream promises to provide deep hydration, improve skin elasticity, and give your skin an overall youthful glow. In this review, I’ll share my personal experience, the pros and cons, and whether or not it’s worth the splurge. So, buckle up and prepare to indulge in this luxurious treat for your skin.

Product Overview: A Cream Fit for Royalty

Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream is formulated with high-quality ingredients, such as 99% pure gold, red ginseng extract, royal jelly, and silk amino acids. These ingredients serve to nourish and revitalize your skin, provide anti-aging benefits, and give you that coveted dewy complexion. Although it’s on the pricier side, this cream aims to give you a royal treatment that’s worth every penny.

How to Use: A Little Goes a Long Way

To incorporate Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream into your skincare routine, simply apply a small amount of the cream (a pea-sized dollop should suffice) to your face and neck after cleansing and applying your regular toner or serum. Gently massage the product into your skin in an upward and outward motion until it’s fully absorbed.

My Personal Experience: A Regal Transformation

As someone who’s tried countless moisturizers on my never-quite-satisfied skin, I was admittedly sceptical about the Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream when I first spot it at the store. It was pricey, I had already picked up every other product so I decided it is not worth even looking into its direction. I got a few samples for this product and the rest is history. It was love on the first try so I had to get the full-size jar to see whether long term this product would satisfy my needs.

Now, after just a couple of weeks of use, I noticed a significant transformation in my skin’s texture and appearance. My skin felt plumper and more radiant, with an enviable dewiness that I’d only ever dreamed of before. Plus, the cream’s luxurious scent made my skincare ritual feel like an indulgent treat rather than a mundane routine.

However, there are a few things that I do feel the need to mention here. I only use this moisturiser once per day as while it can provide a great amount of moisture, some days I feel it is not enough and I use a highly moisturizing cream at night instead, but not always. Also, some days, especially now that it is hot outside, I tend to get a bit oily from this Nature Republic product especially outside of my dry skin patches. I do have mostly oily skin though.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the texture of the product. Not only is the cream gorgeous, but absolutely gorgeous but also the texture is incredible. The product is like a really watery jelly, that is easy to apply and absorbs into the skin super quickly leaving behind a dewy look. And do not fret. The gold particles found in this cream, melt into the skin and do not sit on the skin like glitter.

Pros and Cons: Royal Decree


– Improves skin elasticity and texture

– Provides a healthy, radiant glow

– Luxurious packaging and scent


– On the expensive side

– May not be suitable for those with extremely sensitive skin

Conclusion and Recommendation: True Luxury or Royal Catastrophe?

In my royal decree, Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream is definitely worth the investment for those who crave a luxurious and effective moisturizer that delivers on its promises. While it might not suit those on a tight budget or individuals with highly sensitive skin, I believe the benefits and overall experience of using this cream make it worth the splurge. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a skin care product that truly feels like a royal experience, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream a try. Your skin will thank you for the indulgence.

Interested in purchasing this luxurious cream for yourself? Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream can be purchased on Nature Republic’s official website. However, the website only work in certain countries such as the UK and the US and the stores are even more restricted.

Luckily, I found Nature Republic products at some other retailers. Here are my recommended online retailers for international delivery:

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