Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum Review

Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum

As a beauty enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products to add to my hair care routine. One product that has caught my attention recently is the Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum. I decided to give it a try and see if it lived up to the hype.

Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum

Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum

To kick off this review, let’s talk about what the Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum claims to do.

According to the product description, it is a lightweight serum that is designed to nourish and strengthen hair. It is formulated with vegetal biotin, which is expected to help promote healthy hair growth, as well as help to strengthen and protect the hair from damage.

Upon purchasing the serum, I was pleased to find that it comes in a sleek and compact bottle with a dropper applicator. The serum itself has a lightweight and non-greasy (watery oil like) consistency, which I appreciated since I have fine hair that can easily become weighed down by heavy products.

I began using the serum as directed, applying a few drops to my dry hair/scalp at night. The product can be use don damp hair as wel, but I do prefer to use on dry hair the day before washing my hair in the morning. However, the product itself does not require rinsing which is the best bit about it.

I started using this product last summer or so and used it for several weeks without interrupting treatmnet. While I did notice some imporvement, the effects were not major or anything like that. However, I did feell like there was more hairs on top of my head which is an area of concern for me. It may not look like it right now and specialists told me not to worry, however I am worried as the women in my familiy have a history of thinning hair so I want to avoid going through the same thing or at least postpone it for as long as I can.

Over time, as I continued to use the serum regularly I found that my hair did seem to be more resilient and less prone to breakage. I also noticed that my hair felt more voluminous and had a healthier shine to it. While these changes were not drastic, I do believe that they are a testament to the efficacy of the serum.

Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum

One thing to keep in mind when using the Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum is that it may take some time to see significant results. While I did notice some immediate improvements to my hair, it took several weeks of consistent use before I noticed any significant strengthening effects. This is likely due to the fact that hair growth and repair are slow processes that require time and patience.

In conclusion, I do recommend the Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum to anyone looking to improve the overall health and resilience of their hair. While it may not deliver immediate, dramatic results, it is a product that does seem to work over time. The lightweight, non-greasy formula is easy to use and provides a variety of benefits, including increased softness, manageability, and shine. For anyone looking to invest in their hair care routine, this serum is definitely a great purchase.

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3 thoughts on “Sephora Collection Strengthening Hair Serum Review

  1. I d9nt know why but for some reason I don’t feel encouraged. I don’t hold Sephora brand in high regard in general, although I haven’t tried the new stuff, but seeing as it’s not cruelty free, there’s no incentive for me to try it out. I wouldn’t be diligent with sticking to the treatment and I don’t like to put stuff on my scalp unless shortly before washing my hair, so I’d probably never see any results

    1. Yeah, making sure to apply such products consistently is quite an annoyances and I also try avoiding it. The best part is that at least it does not require for me to wash it off after application.

      As for Sephora, it can go either way. Many of their products are meh but their new stuff is quite alright, at least part of it. For example their lip masks are super effective, affordable and IMO better than Laneige. Their almond based products are also very hydrating – from pretty much all categories where they’ve created such products. Some of the other fragrances/scents are usually not as great. It is a hit or miss when it comes to the brand I admit but there are some products worth the money

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