Beauty Bay – the Best Skintentions Kit – worth £174

I am back with a new offer. I do not want to bombard you so I decided to pick perhaps the best one I came across in my inbox. It seems that payday is a very popular time to release value kits. Rest assure that the rest will also follow, but for now here are the details of the latest Beauty Bay kit – the Skintentions kit.

What does the Beauty Bay Skintentions Kit contain?

  • Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Acid Trip Exfoliating Toner 150ml (full size)
  • 1 By BEAUTY BAY The Jade Facial Roller
  • UpCircle Beauty Citrus Face Scrub 100ml (full size)
  • Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Revitalise and Glow Serum 15ml
  • PSA Skincare Reset Cleanser 100ml (full size)
  • Oh K! Chok Chok Illuminating Serum 30ml (full size)
  • Grüum Kori Exfoliating Face Wash 120ml (full size)
  • Dr Botanicals Hemp Bio Vitality Nutrition Oil 15ml (full size)
  • Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask x 1
  • Brushworks Makeup Remover Cloth x 1
  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 29ml (full size)
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater 236ml (full size)
  • Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream 7.5ml

Value and Price

The beauty kit from beauty Bay is priced at £60 however it was a value of £174! This is quite a good saving, in my opinion. Want to hear an even better news? The kit ships internationally so you do not have to be in the UK to purchase it and take advantage of all these goodies.

The kit is available for purchase here.


I am not a huge fan of the retailer. They have a lot of stuff, but for some reason I do not feel included to purchase from them. The design of their website does not help either. However, the few times I did get something, I did not regret it. The experience was okay; no complaints so far.

In terms of the contents of this kit, I am actually quite curious to try a few of the items. They have been on my wishlist for months now. I will most likely skip this one though, but for once it has nothing to do with me not liking the contents. I might rethink my decision next month if the box is still in stock, but my “shop my stash”, but with a weirder name challenge is going quite well so I don’t want to ruin my January progress. February 1st, all bets are off.

Seriously folks, I really like the contents of the box. There are quite a bunch of full sized items, but what I like even more is the fact that these are products you can totally use and ones that have not bene included in every single kit or gift with purchase known to man. The only item I don’t particularly like is the makeup remover cloth. I hate the feel of those cloths, but the brand it comes from is a good one and it deserves our support.

Oh, and then there are two other products – the Oh!K serum which is one I not so convinced about despite never having tried it before. Nothing from the brand ever worked for me. And worse, the sheet mask from Yes. I can find a fault in everything! Yes products are perhaps worse than everything I have tried from Oh!K, but there is always one that proves to be a true gem so hopefully this is the one.

Overall, I actually recommend this kit if you are in the market for a gift box or for something cute for yourself. There is lots of interesting products and the price is acceptable while the value is oohing to frown upon. A good deal, I would say.

Grab your Skintentions Kit here.

Are you tempted by this kit? What do you think about Beauty Bay’s latest launch?

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