haan ready hydrating hand sanitizer

Haan Ready Hydrating Hand Sanitizers

While I have many types of sanitisers I want to share with you as I definitely tried a few too many brands in recent months, I want to start by talking about some really cute ones I found in Oliver Bonas a few weeks ago.

While I was browsing the Oliver Bonas website, I found some super cute hand sanitisers that looked perfect. So I did what everyone in my situation would do, I got myself some. I ended up ordering from the brand’s website rather than from Oliver Bonas, but I will talk about that some other time. The reason why I wanted to start by talking about these hand sanitisers from HAAN is because I have been hit with adverts from all over the place as well as due to the fact that I had quite a few questions on social media about them. I did not want to share much until I had the opportunity to try them all and of course to share my thoughts for the first time here on the blog, but now it has gotten to a point where I need to talk about them.

You know me, I I have zero incentive (*not that would change anything really) to say only nice things about the products I try. I speak my mind at all times and would continue to do so even if sponsored. Still not sponsored though. I believe in telling the truth and not making people waste their money. If you don’t believe me, have you actually read any of my reviews? Glossier definitely got the worst of it so far, but I digress.

As I was saying, I found these cute hand sanitisers from HAAN Ready and I went for them. They seemed perfect and super cute. They are super cute as you can see in the pictures..

The first thought when I finally got my order was that the products are smaller than what I thought they would be. However that was fine. It would make it even easier to fit one of the bottles in my bag or even in my pocket, if need be. The HAAN Ready hydrating sanitiser bottle is 30ml and it has the size of a credit card, more or less and it is one finger size in depth (width) depending on how you look at it. It is small and cute.

Furthermore, the product absorbs incredibly fast. I hate it when the hand sanitiser does not evaporate fast enough. So far so good.

HAAN Ready Hydrating Hand Sanitisers Scents

I am going to switch things up a little and before talking about what the real issues are, I am going to talk about all the scents the products come in. Yes, I tried all five scents.

Dew of Dawn

The HAAN Ready in Dew of Dawn smells a bit like flora. There is some grass, but more like in a flour shop rather than in nature. Or maybe it is grass combined with something else. The scent is not unpleasant, I actually kinda like it.

Citrus Noon

haan ready hydrating hand sanitizer

The HAAN hydrating hand sanitiser in Citrus Noon is, as you would expect, very lemony. It is like a milder version of a dish wash detergent. If you like lemon, you might like it, but this is one that is definitely not for me.

Morning Glory

This is one of my favourite scents. It smells a bit more like a mellow, expensive perfume. It is a bit flowery, but not the obnoxious kind. It is truly a lovely scent.

Wood Night

As cliché as it might seem, yes, this Wood Night version is more manly smelling. Who did not see that coming? The scent is not bad either. The Wood Night version of the hand sanitiser has a more woodsy scent to it, more like lit wood I would say and it feels almost like it is combined with something a bit more musky as well. However, here I felt the alcohol the most.

Sunset Fleur

Now, this Sunset Fleur one is definitely floral. Still, the scent is not weird or old smelling. It is a lovely, mild and more feminine scent.

So these are the scents of the HAAN hydrating hand sanitisers currently on the market. While I might have not done great job at explaining all the scents, they are pretty great ones overall. The fact that the alcohol is not felt is a plus as I am tired of smelling like alcohol all the time, aren’t you?

Before moving to the next part, I want to say that these hand sanitisers do not leave your hands feeling sticky, that the substance feels like water almost and emphasise once again that the sanitiser evaporates right away. So what is the issue> Well, the last bit could be the issue or part of the issue. Let’s see.

Is HAAN right for you?

HAAN hydrating saniziters make use of a spraying mechanism. See the issue? Not yet? Okay.

Imagine having your hands dirty/potentially contaminated. You want to put your hands on something, anything. The first step would be to pick up your HAAN sanitiser with your contaminated hands and spray your them. You start by spraying one hand and then moving to the other. In order to move to the other, you switch the sanitiser from one hand to the other, In doing so, you use your clean hand to pick up the dirty bottle. You did touch it with your potentially dirty hands, no? So all you end up doing is moving around bacteria and what not. Your hands might end up being slightly cleaner, but still not enough.

Most of us might miss spots as it is, let’s not allow the products we use to ensure we are clean “aid” to that.

By using hand sanitiser, we are bound to feel psychologically safer. As such, unconsciously, we might make less effort to ensure that we stay clean and do not spread particles around. I hope you get where I am coming from.

This is not okay.

Sure, we might clean the bottle. How many times are we going to forget to do that though? Will you do it every single time before cleaning your hands? I want to say yes, I am a obsessed with keeping things clean, but let’s be honest, I am bound to forget or when in a hurry… you know how it goes.

Like hinted above, the fact that the product evaporates so fast means you need to apply quite a lot of product in one of your palms, attempt to hold it while you are placing the bottle away to its rightful place and then rub your hands together to ensure you clean then. That is a huge waste of product, even if you are able to pull it off. That is a big if at times and you need to pay attention to every step.

That just doesn’t work for me. Does it work for you?

I would rather squirt/pump a gel based sanitiser into my palm, put the bottle/tube away and then rub my hands together. That makes more sense to me. In this manner, I do not have to touch a potentially dirty bottle again.

So while HAAN Ready hydrating hand sanitisers look incredible and like high end sanitisers, they are not fit for purpose as far as I am concerned. In this regard, I would happily deal with smelly sanitisers if that means I increase my chances of staying safe. Fashion be dammed, So in nutshell, cute and pretty yes, but safe, I don’t think so.

Since HAAN Ready are hand sanitisers, they should contain some sort of alcohol. When I made my purchase, the information was not available. I know some people asked on social media and the answer was that there is a concentration of 65% alcohol, if I remember correctly. This is the minimum recommended at this time. I do not really sense the alcohol in the product, but I did not have it tested either. I won’t comment more on this. I will assume that is true. I have no proof that suggests otherwise.

Regardless, I now have 8 such sanitisers and they work perfectly well on surfaces. I can clean my desk with it, keys and whatnot. I will not rely on HAAN for my hands though. Up to you to decide that you will.

Where can you purchase HAAN ready sanitizers?

Oliver Bonas


How do you feel about the HAAN sanitisers? Am I missing something?

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