Yadah Cactus Toner Pads

Yadah cactus toner Pads

Even though I have some more offers lined up, I decided to share a review instead. Sharing an offer would have been easier, especially given my upcoming deadlines at work, but today has been a weird day. I haven’t felt like myself, so I decided to just take this time and share my thoughts on a product that surprised me instead.

I have been seeing a series of products from Yadah everywhere I turned. I still do btw! However, I was a bit intrigued, especially by their cactus range. I could not bring myself to buy any as compared to products from other brands, they seemed a bit more expensive and I was trying really hard not to spend more. On BlackFriday though, I found some of the products on offer so I decided to get myself some. Today, I want to start by talking about the toner pads.

Yadah Cactus Toner Pads Review

Before you feel like jumping me down, I did not realise that the pads would be individually packaged. I would have so not purchased them if I had. How did I not realise that? Well, the toner pads are sold in a jar (full sized version) and then, there are these ones that I purchased, Not knowing whether I would like the products and the quality of the pads, I decided to go for the travel friendly version instead. I was expecting a smaller jar like container and instead, I got 10 pairs of toner pads packaged separately in small pouches.

You are definitely going to hate me now.

I have to say that on one hand, I actually found the way these toner pads were packaged very useful. You can easily carry some around with you in your purse no matter what. They fit basically everywhere and you would have something in case of emergency. I don’t know about you, but when I was in college and would have makeup on (one I started doing makeup, I became one of those people who do not leave the house without having at least a bit on) and would have to stay until late at night working on team projects, I would start feeling icky at some point and would feel the need to remove my foundation at least. These pads would have been super helpful. They are useful when traveling as well, however I am sure that everyone can fit a small jar and could do without all the plastic these pads come packaged in. If I would have been able to, everyone can. Let’s put it this way, I am the kind of person who needs to have their bags wrapped at the airport (or at home…) and not because they are worried about ruining their bags (that too), but because they would explode. Luckily, I never lost anything, but after it happened a few times from having too much stuff, so I started having them wrapped.

So while the packaging in this instance can be convenient at times, I would rather have a small jar and less plastic. The jar would have been sort of reusable at least and perhaps recyclable.

Okay, so the packaging situation is tricky, but you can get the full sized version of then pads and you won’t have to deal with the plastic pouches.

Yes, you might actually want to get these toner pads. There, I said it.

These toner pads from Yadah are large enough and the quality of them is great. I love the way the cotton (or whatever it is) feels against my skin. Plus, they do not leave any residue nor do they stick to your skin. When I purchase cotton rounds for my toners, I usually go with Nivea. I found those to be the best cotton rounds on the market. However, even those are not as nice as the ones Yadah uses.

What matters even more is the quality of the actual toner.

While the toner is not super “smart” aka it does not contain a series of active ingredients whose names I am unable to pronounce, I love it. The toner is moisturising and it just feels so nice on the skin. The product leaves my skin feeling soft and a bit more moisturised. Normally I would have wanted a bit more, I would have wanted some additional benefits or something, but this toner just impressed me regardless. I know that I commented on the Banila one that it is pretty basic, but this one feels nicer than that one, even if their purpose is pretty similar.

Do you need these toner pads in your life?

Definitely not. However, they are nice to have.

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Have you ever tried anything from Yadah before?

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