Last minute Valentine’s Gifts for him

There are many things you can get your significant other for Valentine’s. Or do for them, but that is not really appropriate for this platform so let’s stick to stuff you can purchase that is relevant in this case (I realise how this sentence is written and that it is not grammatically correct, I am trying to write the same way I would speak this whole thing out loud so sometimes it might seem a bit weird, but I feel it is more personable this way. I have no idea why I am even explaining this here in the middle, not quite middle, of an article though. I have weird timing!). Most of those things do not even require any spending. However, if you are looking to get your SO more interested in beauty products, excuse me, in grooming products then you can find some some suggestions below. It does not matter whether you are doing it because you want them to understand your obsession with beauty, to stop them from stealing your products or simply because you lost track of time or have no other ideas.

Honestly, you can grab some of these kits I am going to tell you about below and save them for an entirely different occasion or person. No, I am not suggesting you should get a new boyfriend, not unless they are complete a-holes in which case you can definitely do better, but I was thinking more in the lines of brothers, fathers etc.

NEXT Valentine’s Grooming Box for Him

  • Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste (10ml Travel Size)
  • Murdock Black Tea Body Wash (50ml Travel Size)
  • Lab Series Multi-action Foaming Face Wash (30ml Travel Size)
  • Barber Pro Under Eye Sachet (Single Sachet)
  • Rabot 1745 Wonder Balm (30ml Full Size)
  • This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (5ml Sample Size)
  • Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (50ml Travel Size)
  • Aveda Damage Repair (25ml Travel Size)

This kit from NEXT is pretty cute. It contains a bit of everything, but it also won’t set you back. The kit is priced at £12 and it has a value of over £45. Not bad, right? You can get the kit here.

GlossyBox Grooming Kit

  • Percy Nobleman 1881 Beard Oil
  • Great British Grooming Co Exfoliating Face Scrub
  • Bulldog Original Stubble Moisturiser
  • Filorga Messo Mask
  • Fudge Hair Matte Head Mouldable
  • Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment
  • ECooking Men Face Cream
  • Flyy Nasal Spray
  • -417 Skin Eye Cream
  • Lacoste Lacoste Fragrance VOC
  • Nivea Skin Energy Face Cleansing Gel
  • Bespoke London French Citrus & Vetiver Body Spray

This kit from Glossybox is filled with standout products. This one is a bit more complex than the one offered by NEXT. however it is still rather affordable. The grooming kit is priced at £30 for non-subscribers and £25 for subscribes whilst the value of the kit is of over £155.

The kit is available for purchase here.

Esquire + Beast Grooming Box

  • BULLFROG ‘Agnostico’ All-In-One Balm, RRP £30
  • MURDOCK Sea Salt Spray, RRP £25
  • ALLIES OF SKIN Cleanser, RRP £40
  • HEATH Eye Serum, RRP £15
  • SA.AL&CO Moisturiser, RRP £30
  • PATCHOLOGY Energy Supplement Strips, 6 pack, RRP £10

As for my favourite kit, it has to be this one from Esquire. This is the one I would purchase to be honest. Even though they are less known for their beauty/grooming boxes, fashion/lifestyle magazines come out with some of the most outstanding kits. It is definitely worth keeping an eye out for them, or subscribing to this website (I am being cheeky, I know). However, you do know that I tend to post several offers per week so…

Back to the kit ins question. The Esquire + Beast Grooming Kit is filled with some high quality grooming products that your SO will definitely enjoy. Each product has been carefully selected by the beauty editors of Esquire. Better yet, all these goodies will set you back £50 while you get a total product value of £220.

The kit is available for purchase here.

I know this is not my typical post, but I wanted to shake things up a little bit. I rarely refer to grooming products and I believe this is the very first time I shared a shopping guide. I get that things are the moment are more stressful than ever for some of you so I wanted to come up with some quick fixes. However, remember that Valentine’s is more about celebrating the love you have for one another than about the gifts you get each other. Personally, I am not very fond of the holiday. For me love is something that should be celebrated and cherished every single day not just one day per year. I do like the story and the sentiment behind this day, but the hallmark version of is not really my cup of tea. Then again, I am an odd one so what the heck do I know?!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

BTW spending time alone on Valentine’s is perfectly okay. Galentine’s is also an option if the restrictions in your country allow it. There is also Skype or whatever. My point is that life can be enjoy even if single. You are not worth less. You are not failing. Trust the timing of your life.

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