Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist

While today has been both relaxing and stressful. I spent the better half of the day shopping. I honestly planned to just browse and get nothing at all, but you know how it is and I ended up spending quite a bit on beauty (as it happens). The second half of my day was a bit more stressful. Now, I am here and since I am feeling a bit anxious (might tell you why tomorrow) I decided to share with you a review of a product that I have been using for a while now. You will realise that the pictures were taken a long time ago, however I am currently without the product so I decided to go ahead with these older photos. I hope you do not mind.

Okay, without further ado, let’s talk about the Cool girl Barely There Texture Mist from Sam McKnight.

Hair by Sam Mcknight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist Review

Not sure about you gals, but I often struggle with hairstyling. From time to time I think about taking the plunge and chopping most of my hair off. I have done so actually, more or less. I cut my hair twice or so during the past year based on YouTube tutorials and using pro scissors (it ended up looking surprisingly nice – I am still in shock actually), however I am thinking that even shorter than shoulder length would make things so much easier. But then, I start to think about my family’s history with hair and how mine is still okay now and it might not be in a few years time and I end up changing my mind. However that means I need to style it somehow if I insist on keeping long(ish). I am just not good at these things… As a result, I need products that make things easier. If they offer a fast solution even better, but a solution is more than enough as far as I am concerned.

A few years ago though, I got a product (my first ever from Sam McKnight) via the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar. At first I was skeptical. Sure, the hair product looked nice and the packaging was cute, but since I had already tried so many things by that point, I did not get my hopes up. It was not love at first sight, but once I got the hang of it, I fell in love with the Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist.

The Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist is an a life saving product. Spoiler much? Well, there was no point in delaying the inevitable. I just had to tell you that this texture spray is amazing and works wonders in creating those effortless tousled hairstyles. I tried it both on long hair (not mine sadly) and seen my friend manage to achieve looks that rival those of Serena van der Woodsen, but I have also tried it on my shorter, shoulder length hair and the results were pretty fantastic.

Furthermore, the spray does not leave a residue thus it is perfect to use on the go or when in a hurry. You do not need to worry about the spray casting a shade. However, the Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist does have a pretty strong scent which is not the nicest one in my opinion. It vanishes rather quickly, but some residue still remains. It is not your typical hair styling product scent in any case. I honestly do not how to even describe it. But I am more than willing to look past it given the results. My hair simply looks like I made an effort to do something with it when I have not do so. It looks like I care or have a clue what I am doing when I obviously do not.

Well, to be honest, I even used this product sometimes to hide the the fact that I did not have time or forgot to wash my hair. Giving it a little oomph using this product can give me an extra day. It is not a replacement for dry shampoo by any means, but it does add some body to the hair thus hiding what I do not want shown.  Plus, I feel like it is less damaging than dry shampoo and I never had hair feel out due to this product unlike when using dry shampoo. I know that what I said sounds a bit gross, but let’s be honest, there are times when we simply do not feel like washing our hair or when we do not have time. Life and all that. It happens, but luckily there are products that can help us a bit. There is no reason to be embarrassed by it. I am not. The idea is to not abuse them.

Overall, I am a huge fan of the Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist and I recommend giving it a go. You can definitely find various applications for it and just play around with it and see what hair styles you can achieve in just few minutes. And for those such as myself, you can go from zero to ready in just a few seconds.

Where can you buy the texture mist from Hair by Sam McKnight?

Violet Grey


Cult Beauty

Liberty of London

Do you have any tips for making hairstyling easy?

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