SVR Laboratories Intense Moisturising Cream

I am back with a new review. Today I want to talk to you about a product that I got through a LookFantastic Beauty Box.

If your recall, last year I initially skipped on the advent calendar, but when it came back in stock, I jumped. I might have regretted it a bit, but not that much. Nevermind now. In order to get the calendar for less, I actually paid a 3 month subscription for the beauty boxes. It made sense as I already wanted one of the boxes badly…anyway, in one of those boxes that I had no idea what I would get, I found this SVR Intense Moisturising Cream and even though I knew/know better, I decided to use it then and there rather than wait to finish the products I already had opened. Don’t do that if you can, I try to avoid it, but curiosity and all that. Now, here I am. I am finally ready to tell you al about it.

SVR Intense Moisturising Cream Review

While I heard quite many good things about derma-cosmetics over time, I never felt as attracted to these products as I have to all the glossy new launches. I cannot believe that I fell for fancy marketing, but I admit. I have done it. I am guilty, however it is never too late to change direction. I have been trying to do that and started introducing more such products in my routine over time. When I found the SVR moisturising cream in my beauty box, I was actually a bit excited to try it. I had not know about this brand (surprising, I know!) or I thought so at least (I realised since that I have seen this brand quite often in store… it makes me wonder sometimes what is wrong with me.).

Despite not knowing anything about the product, I was so curious to try that I set aside the products I had opened at that time. I only resumed my use of those products once I was done with this one from SVR. That should tell you something.

Not that long ago I found a moisturiser that I absolutely adore and that I recommend to everyone – the Moisturising Jelly from Indeed Labs. I never though I would find another moisturiser that I would like, at least not so soon after. I have very few moisturisers that I can honestly say I would buy again and to my complete surprise, the SVR Laboratories Intense Moisturising Cream is now one of them.

Don’t get too excited though. Unlike the moisturiser from Indeed Labs, this one is not one I will recommend to everyone who asks me for a moisturiser. The SVR products is quite different and it might not appeal to everyone. I was quite skeptical when I first tried it and it took me a few uses to truly get into it.

The SVR Laboratories Intense Moisturising Cream has a primer like texture. Yes, there is nothing else I can possibly compare this product to. It is almost like a silicone based primer, but not quite. This product is slightly lighter and more breathable. Like I said, this moisturiser is perhaps not something that everyone will like which is completely fine. Now only do I actually like such primers, but I do like the texture of this moisturiser from SVR. It took me by surprise, especially after using different kind of products, but once I got used to it, I started enjoying it more.

The SVR Laboratories Intense Moisturising Cream might have a strange texture or a surpassing one rather, but is feels incredibly nice, soothing and even a bit cooling no the skin. More so, the cream absorbs super fast and leaves the skin a bit matte, but healthy looking in all the right places. This is another thing that surprised me. The skin does have that healthy glow, the cheekbones look a bit dewy, but everything else is less so. That was my experience at least. I even produced less oil and I have oily skin. I cannot say that I did not enjoy that. Sure, that can be easily explained due to the moisturising abilities of this product. It might have helped with some of the underlying issues and I appreciate and recognise that, but it is incredibly rare that I find a product that allows me to go an entire day without ending up with super greasy skin by the end of the day. It is a reality that many of us like with. I have accepted it, but I again, I appreciate it when it does not happen.

Now you can probably tell why I hesitated to share this review for quite a few weeks now. I finished my tube and am already looking to purchase my next, but I find the SVR Laboratories Intense Moisturising Cream hard to explain and talk about. All I can really say is that despite the odd texture, I loved the product. I loved what it can do for my skin and the way my skin looks after use.

Personality, I found the moisturiser to be quite hydrating and soothing. It was a joy to use and it does not cost an arm and a leg either. I went though my tube of product quite fast and that rarely happens! I never felt the need to switch it up or anything of the sort. This product is now in my top moisturisers out there, but I does not get to steal first place from the Indeed Labs one. I recommend giving this product a shot if you think you will enjoy the texture, but I do believe that not everyone will like it so keep that in mind.

This is it for the SVR Laboratories Intense Moisturising Cream. Oh, one more thing. I learnt my lesson and now I am looking forward to discovering more from this brand. It took me by surprise, but what a welcomed surprise it was.

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