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Is this the best SPF ever?

OMG you guys. This was supposed to be a first impressions post which would have definitely started the way this one started. Why rock the boat though? Not the most appropriate expression here, but still… you get it (also, it got stuck in my head). By now you should be used to my weird use of certain words and of course to all the weird stuff that comes out of my mouth (please don’t be a perv) due to my polylinguistic background (I am only making it worse, right?). Hopefully, I haven’t offended anyone by mentioning my language skills. Yes, I was accused of offending parents when I wrote an assignment which consisted of a Telegraph style article on how learning multiple languages can help the development of children. It was based on scientific papers!!! Bygones.

This article is not about anyone’s language skills. One or several, I truly don’t discriminate. This article is about a beauty product like basically everything else on this platform.

With summer just around the corner, I found myself once again pressed to find the perfect SPF. You should definitely be on the lookout for one as well (okay, SPF is not just for summer, but I manage to survive the colder months using the awful ones I purchased so far).

Why don’t I have [favourite] one yet? Well… that is a not so funny story. I understood the importance of SPF a bit later in life or on my beauty journey. Okay, that was a tad dramatic, but I do want you to understand the importance of SPF. Sure, I did use it as a kid and luckily I haven’t really exposed myself to the sun unnecessary or more then what my DNA based tests suggested I needed for a healthy lifestyle ( combined with medical advice of course), however I should have been more careful. Once I learnt how few ingredients help with anti aging and of course started considering aging something that I might want to look more into, I became not quite obsessed, but very determined to find the perfect SPF for me. 

I believe that after many, many products that were not the right ones, some were either too greasy, sticky or left a white cast, I found the one that works for me and could work for you as well. It was love at first try which I did not even dare to imagine. Not in my wildest dreams I thought I would find one now and yet, I have. 

The product in question is the Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop. 

unseen sunscreen supergoop

Unseen Sunscreen Supergoop Review 

You already know what the conclusion of this article will be, but shaking things up can be a good thing, at least every once in a while. I am sorry for the spoiler, but perhaps sometimes it is best to avoid the suspense and get to the point. Okay, I guess I deserved that. I am the least likely person to get to the point. See? However, you might still be interested in reading a bit more about my experience with the Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop. 

The Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop is, first of all, as the name suggests, unseen. You read that right. The SPF is clear and does not leave any sort of a cast. It does not make you look weird and can be worn alone or under makeup. I wasn’t expecting much from the product based on previous experiences with SPF. However, I should have since I heard so many good things about it. However, my past experience with Supergoop was not great so can you blame me? The4last product I tried from them was sticky, unflattering and incredibly unsuitable from various points of view. The texture wasn’t right, the way it changed the look of my skin was quite inappropriate I would say…. there were lots of issues so let’s leave it at that. That wasn’t the case here. 

unseen sunscreen supergoop textur

In terms of actual texture. The Unseen Sunscreen reminds me quite a lot of a primer. It reminds me of the type of primer I like to use, one such as the Hourglass Veil just a bit more sillicon-y. I know that this is not a texture that many people love, but it just slides on the skin and settles nicely. It does not leave a greasy residue. I have oily skin for reference ( a bit more complicated than that, but mostly oily skin). I shine bright like a… you get it.

I honestly don’t know what else to tell you. I have been wearing this product for a week now, every single day, so I might discover new things over time. I know that I said this is not a first impression post, but it kinda is I guess and kinda is not at the same time. Anyway, will report back if I find something else about it, but for now, I love this product. I truly do.

Overall, I highly recommend it especially if you struggled to find an SPF you like. I know that SPF is very person specific, perhaps more so than other products, but this one has a high chance on working on more people due to its unique qualities. The only thing I am not super excited about is the level of protection. I would have preferred a 50+.

In short, this product from Supergoop made it less of a hassle to apply sunscreen and turned it into a step I look forward to. It is as simple as that.

And to answer the question. The answer is perhaps not, but that is only due to the lower protection factor rather than anything else. However, it is close to being the best as far as I am concerned, at least so far.

Where can you buy the Unseen Sunscreen by Supergoop from?

Anthropologie US

Cult Beauty

Free People


Sephora Canada


Violet Grey

Urban Outfitters

Do you have a favourite sunscreen? Any good ones?

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  1. T

    I love this too and didn’t expect to! I received it in that Cult Beauty recent sun care kit. I didn’t like previous Goop products much either much before. I also don’t care usually for silicone, primer type of products on my skin, but this feels fine on and pretty lightweight. The Dennis Gross SPF in that same kit is pretty good too, but it does leave a tiny touch of white cast. If you like this Goop SPF, you might also like the Coola Sun Silk Drops. That made my skin look pretty good (got a deluxe sample in a Space NK GWP). I would purchase that full size. For some reason, used on top of the Charlotte Tilbury Crystal skin care serum, I had compliments from people telling me I looked well. With barely any make up on! I do like this Goop SPF and have taken it to NZ with me, where I am now: It‘s kind of early winter here, but the sun is still very strong and an ideal place to test sunscreens out to see if they really work 😊

    1. Nana

      Oh. So glad that you like it as well. Never tried Coola but will keep my eyes open for it. Now I really want to try it. Good tip! Enjoy your time in NZ! 🙂

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