Elevate your hair care with Byredo hair perfume

Byredo is one of the best fragrances houses that I have encountered so far. While I do not enjoy every single one of their scents, I appreciate the sentiments behind them.

If you are not aware, the Byredo founder creates every single one of his fragrances using his personal experiences. As such, the scents are meant to evoke memories of things, places and people. However, if you have been reading this blog for a while, then you might already know this from reading some reviews of the bran’s hand creams such as this one.

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Given my love for Byredo, I were excited to see that Liberty of London included one of their hair perfumes in their beauty advent calendar back in 2018. Of course I would have loved to see an actual fragrance, but the hair perfume is more than generous as after all, Byredo is definitely not on the cheap or even affordable side.

The Byredo hair perfume is such a unique product and I simply cannot stop talking about the beautiful stories behind the brand. The Byredo hair perfume is unique in the sense that it maintains the same quality of scent as the actual perfumes. There is nothing cheap about it and it is unlike any other hair fragrance I’ve tried before. Of course the scent is not quite as strong, but it is close.

Furthermore, the formula was created with its purpose in mind as it does not seem to damage the hair whatsoever nor does it affect the scalp. I have been using the products for more than a year now and I have no complaints. The product makes my hair feel a bit softer and maybe even a bit nourished, but that is very unlikely to be more than an impression. The product is long lasting and very kind to my hair.

The scent is strong enough that it can cover any other nasty smells. Not that I recommend you do that, but then again I am sure you wash your hair frequently enough as it is. You know what I mean! The point is that you can use it to cover unpleasant smells if you are on the run and simply did not have time to clean your hair. Or if you, like me, stand outside to clear your head and end up smelling like an astray due to smoke coming your way…

The Byredo hair perfume is also addicting enough that it would make your SO go nuts about it and unable to stop sniffing your hair. Just saying!

As for the smell itself, the Byredo hair perfume in Blanche smells like a pile of fresh laundry. The scent is absolutely perfect and works in every season. However, it does not smell like detergent as the scent is too luxurious for that.

What else can I say? Well, the formula is light weight so that helps you maintain your hairstyle, but it does seem to make the hair oily a bit faster than normal. On the other hand, the scent lasts for more than a day so I would recommend against spraying too much daily or if you do, then maybe skip a day?

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