Hero Company Invisible Mighty Acne Patches

I said this not that long ago, but to those who are new here I will say it again. Acne patches seem like such a good idea, but from the many kinds I tried, both luxury priced and more affordable ones, not that many seemed to work. In fact, very, very few seemed to work.

I used to think that acne patches were a waste of time and money until I tried the Hero Company patches. I got my first box from Amazon and that was that. But not all patches are the same.


 Hero Company Invisible Mighty Acne Patches Review


The Hero Company Mighty Acne Patches are good patches, in fact they are pretty effective. They get the puss out of whiteheads/ pimples and save the day basically. You can get all the nasty stuff out without having to pop your irritated spots and risking infecting other pores.

I just had to get that out and not leave you hanging till the end.

However, not all patches are the same. The Hero Company has several kinds and today I want to talk to you about the Invisible variety.

The invisible acne patches from the Hero Company are small, they are really small compared to others from the brand or even more when compared to the ones from Zitsticka. Also, it must be noted that these patches do not have any striations and only the centre has active ingredients. However, do not be fooled by the name. The patches are small and not as visible as others, but they are visible. Also, the moment they start working and the patch “fills up” it becomes even more visible as the centre turns white.

A box of these acne patches comes with 39 patches on three sheets. They are effective and I highly recommend them. I do recommend going for the regular variety more though as those are bigger. Also, while the patches might not be the cheapest ones on the market, they are significantly cheaper than other effective ones I tried before.

Overall, the Hero Company Invisible acne patches might not be as invisible as the name suggests, but the product is indeed effective and worthy of your money. Do your skin a favour and don’t pick at it. Instead, cover those irritated pores with these acne patches and wait for the end result. You will need to change the patch quite often though, but hey, they work and take away the stress of seeing those red spots staring back at you in a mirror.

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Have you tried any good acne patches lately?



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  1. AmandaSushma

    I was really curious about these acne patches. I was thinking I could use one and then put makeup on top, so I don’t clog that particular pimple or whatever it is. But, I guess if they ‘fill up’, might not be as easy to conceal. Thanks for the review!

    1. Nana

      Never tried to wear them under makeup so sadly I cannot tell you whether it would work. But the patches are really effective. They helped me with my biggest irritated pores. I don’t get them often, but when I do….

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