SkinCity Essentials Charcoal Deep Cleanser Stick

Cleansing is an essential part of your beauty routine. Like it or not. I love keeping everything in my life super clean and organised, but cleansing my face is a real chore at times, especially when I come home from work late at home. You get it, right?

For that reason, I always on the lookout for a new product that can take some of the pan away. The latest cleanser I tried is the Charcoal Stick or formally known as the Deep Cleanser Stick from SkinCity’s essentials collections.

The product was included as the 25th product in the SkinCity Beauty Advent Calendar which I purchased myself with my own money.


SkinCity Essentials Charcoal Deep Cleanser Stick Review

The SkinCity cleanser comes in a stick format as the name suggests. This makes the cleanser very easy to use. You can apply the product directly to your face without having to get your hands on it first. This format is a plus as not only it makes the cleanser very convent, but also very travel friendly.

The stick has 25g, but do not be fooled. You can get a lot of usage from this little Deep Cleanser Stick.


Not only is the SkinCity Essentials Stick Cleanser very convenient, but it is also very effective. The stick helps rid you of nasty stuff and impurities, but it also helps exfoliate the skin a bit as it contains small exfoliating particles. When i said impurities, I totally meant black heads as well. From experience, the cleanser doe snot remove all blackheads as some masks do, but it does remove most of them, especially the surface ones.

You wanna hear the best part? It does not foam.

However, there are some disadvantages. The stick is fragranced which some of you might not like. The scent is that of vanilla and it smells incredible. I would eat it if it were not a face cleanser.


How to use the Deep Cleanser Stick?

I recommend wetting your face with a small amount of water and then running the cleanser stick all over your face. Then, you should attempt to massage the product onto the face to fully benefit from the exfoliating particles. You can then remove the product with water or with a wet cleansing cloth.


Overall, I really enjoyed playing with the stick cleanser. I love the convenience of it and how effective it is. I am a huge fan of the scent, but totally get that tis is not for everyone. I have to admit that I did not expect the product to be this good, but as always SkinCity managed to surprise me. For me this is a repurchase and I recommend you also give the product a try. I did not experience any negative effects.


Where can you buy the SkinCity Charcoal Deep Cleanser Stick?

  • SkinCity website  (Don’t forget that you can get 12% off your first order at Skin City if you use my referral code.)


Do you have a favourite cleanser?


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