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Do not panic, I repeat do not panic. I have not been living under a rock for the past decade or so. I promise! However I had not tried a MAC lipstick before trying the Liptensity Lipstick for the first time.

It has been a while since then, but even now I am unable to compare this lipstick to the classic bullet lipsticks from Mac. I will talk about the Liptensity lipstick and focus on this product alone without comparing it to the others as that is obviously impossible for me to do.

I will talk about the Liptensity lipstick in general and also from the perspective of a first time MAC lipstick user. I have used MAC before a few times, albeit it was not the best experience, but my experience was with foundation and powders and not lip products.

Shall we move from this unnecessary long intro now? Yes, we shall.


MAC Liptensity Lipstick Review

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I had been meaning to try MAC lipsticks for a long time when I first got this one. I had my eyes on a darker shade which is almost red-wine like in colour, but I could never find a tester of it anywhere I went. They usually had one lipstick left and they were unwilling to  turn it into a tester unless I were to buy it which kinda defeats the point. Anyway, I postponed my decision to get the product as I was uncertain of the shade and in the meantime I ended up with a Liptensity lipstick thus the reason why this one became my very first MAC lip product.

Anyway, going back to the lipstick. The packaging is absolutely beautiful and I am sort of happy the lipstick does not come in the classic MAC packaging. This gives the product a bit more personality and makes it stand out from the rest. Packaging is not the most important part, but I do appreciate good ones.

The lipstick comes in multiple shades, quite a lot of shades actually. Also, many of them can be considered nudes so that means you are very likely to find a good shade match. I choose a nude like shade that works for me which is Driftwood.

The shade seemed a bit brown when I swatched it on the back of my hand. I was quite worried as brown shades just don’t work on my lips for some reason, but that was not the way the product looked on. It sort of adjusted I guess you could say. It looked so good that I received quite a lot of compliments while wearing it and some people wondered what I had done to my lips.

Obviously, I had no work done on my lips, but the product offered my lips a slight shine and intensified the colour. Now, I really wished I had not hesitated to get more shades at that time. Since then, I did try a second shade ‘Clouds in My Coffee’, but that one did not work on me. However, next time I will go for a much more  colourful shade, maybe even something darker.

Okay, so the finish of the Liptensity MAC lipstick is a bit shiny, but it is an elegant kind of shine. It looks really beautiful on the lips and it works at any time of day and night without it being too much or not enough.

As far as the formula is concerned, the lipstick can come across as a bit sheet at first, but you can totally build up the colour. This can be quite disappointing for some of you, I really do get that. I mean there are more affordable and more pigmented products out there, but if you don’t mind building up the colour this one also works and you can also wear it as a more sheer like lipstick. You really have options and you can play with this product which I love.

On the other hand, the lipstick does indeed look very nice and it feel super comfortable on the lips. The Liptensity did not dry my lips which I am super fond of. I got to the point where I threw out most of my drying lipsticks. There is not time and place for them in my life. There are many other products out there that I can still find something I love without having to compromise the wellbeing of my lips, ya know?

Overall, I found the MAC Liptensity Lipstick to be an interesting product. It did change my view on MAC quite a bit, I admit to that. I am still not the brand’s number one fan and I probably will never be, but this is a good product which I do honestly recommend you try.

(I started writing a paragraph here, but I decided to delete it and make it into a whole new post as the conversation is too long and it would be at risk of getting lost here and I do believe that it is something you need to remember/read. Don’t worry. It is about the bigger picture and not this lipstick so it does not affect my thoughts)


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