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hylamide deceit pore control serum

It has been a while, I know. Despite trying my best to keep my unheard of personal record of posting on a daily basis for so many days in a row, I had to take a break. To be honest, I am beyond exhausted and I guess you are too so you know what I am talking about.

I have not left my flat in over 5 weeks now and I am not even indulging in my favourite hobby – shopping, so yeah…At least I have done really great on the whole no shopping journey I embarked in January. This month, at least. Anyway, I am back today with a review of a product that is long due. Also, for the first time I believe, I am going to talk about a product from Deciem and that is the Hylamide Pore Control Serum which is part of their Booster Series. I am so bad at this! I tried around 80% of Deciem’s collection across multiple brands and this is the first time I am talking about one of their products? Argh, I am not a lost cause. I promise!

And here it is…

Hylamide Pore Control Serum Review

As everyone else, I started building my Deciem collection with the product from the Ordinary. It made sense. However, when I was given the chance I quickly jumped to try the rest of the ranges. The Hylamide Pore Control Serum came as part of a set, if I am not mistaken and I got the set at around 45% off. At that time, I definitely would have not spent around £20 on it. There was no way I would have done that, especially not knowing what I know now and given the fact that the brand was fairly new back then.

Surprisingly, it took me quite a while to give the Pore Control Serum from Hylamide a try, even after I had it in my possession. I have no idea why. I just wasn’t ready to give it a try only to end up being disappointed. My skin and I were going through a rough patch at the time and needed something to really help and not yet another disappointment. Obviously, at one point I gave in. The temptation was too high so I just had to try it. I did try to keep my hopes low, but that is not easy to do when you hear so many things everywhere about this new revolutionary brand that people were obsessed with at that time and some still are today.

Okay, enough chit chat. Does the Hylamide Pore Control Serum work? What about the ingredients though?


But first let’s talk about what the serum is supposed to do. The answer is pretty obvious – help you take control of your pores. But what does that mean in more detail and how does it go about achieving that?

So the Hylamide Pore Control serums formulated using a bitter mushroom concentrate which according to Deciem it is supposed to make your “pores appear to disappear quickly both in number and size”. In addition, the inclusion marine ferments is supposed to “balance out the shiny appearance associated with congested skin types, without drying out the skin”. The formula also makes use of peptide technologies which are supposed to “improve skin texture appearance without the added shine”. And let’s not forget about a favourite ingredients of mine – niacinamide which helps the “skin look free of shine and sebum congestion”.

These are some key ingredients which make the serum worth purchasing, at least in theory. Now that we talked a bit about what the product from Deciem is supposed to do, let me answer the question that is on everyone’s mind – does it WORK?

Look, as I mentioned above, I was in no rush to try out this product and I was right to do so. Not because the product is crap, we heaven’t reached that bit yet. No, it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the product. However, the serum from Hylamide does not smell great. The scent is not pleasant, but compared to the rest of the range it is not the worst either. So you probably understand how applying a serum that does not smell great, especially one that is meant to control the looks of your pores and I am not sure about you, but my main area of concern is the area around my nose aka the bit that can actually sense the foul scent the most is not the highlight of my day. So there is that, however I kept at it and decided to get my money’s worth and see whether there was anything more to this product than what meets the eye or the nose as the case may be.

While initially I noticed only small improvements, in time the difference was very visible. The appearance of my pores diminished day after day, as long s I kept using the Hylamide Pore Control serum. In time, as I mentioned before, the difference was very noticeable. Approximately 60% of my pores were no longer visible, the skin seemed smoother or better yet blurred. My pores were closing up, dare I say. So to put it out there, this Pore Control serum from Hylamide actually does what it promises. However, there are a few things you need to know.


In order for this Pore Control serum to really do its magic, you also need to your part. This is not a magic fix to all your problems. You need patience as it does take some time to notice a significant difference (I used up around 2/3 of the bottle before I noticed a great improvement). Sure, you will notice straight away that things are different, but it does take time.

And another thing. You probably already know this and I am not trying to tell you how to take care if you skin, but your pores need to be cleared out before using this serum. Since the Hylamide serum does such a good job at closing your pores, they need to be as clean as possible. I am not talking just about removing your makeup with a wipe here, proper cleansing is essential. Cleanser, masks, the works and to keep at it even after you start using this product. I am not saying overdo it, of course not. I am just saying that the rest of your routine needs to be as efficient in order to achieve the best results. You really do not want to have “dirt” and for your pores to close.

Overall, I guess it is pretty much clear that I recommend this Hylamide Pore Control Serum. This is a really great product and the results are fantastic. It takes time and patience, but the results are more than worth it. Discipline is key.


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Have you tried anything from Hylamide that you loved?


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