Atropa Belladonna by Shay & Blue London

It’s been four years since I first tried this fragrance and I loved it. It is pretty incredible how fast time goes by, isn’t it?

The Atropa Belladonna by Shay and Blue was included in my first ever beauty advent calendar, one from Marks and Spencer. I was so excited when I got the small bottle fo perfume as I was so curious to try the brand back then.

The reason why I was so curious to try the fragrances from this brand is because they were advertised in every magazine I purchased. That is pretty much still the case today if I am being honest. There is also the connection between the brand and Jo Malone that had me intrigued, as I am a long time fan of Jo Malone’s. However, despite the fact that the fragrances are significantly cheaper than the one from the previously mentioned brand, I did not want to order them online as that rarely turned out to be a bright idea. Things changed slightly since this post was originally written, but not by much.

Yet another reason why I was so excited to get the perfume in an advent calendar was because I did not know where to even begin to look for the perfumes from Shay and Blue. It never occurred to me to look in the store I frequented on a weekly basis – Marks an Spencer. I never made that mistake again! The M&S beauty corner has so many hidden gems, even in smaller stores such as the High St Kensington one which was my local store. Now, I never miss out on the opportunity to check out what is new. And no, this is not an advert fro M&S. I am just stressing once again that M&S is so much better than people give it credit for.

Anyway, let’s get back on track.

Atropa Belladonna from Shay & Blue London is a fragrance unlike any other that I have tried before.  The scent is quite unique.

The perfume is described as floral, yet it so different from your usual floral scent. It is so hard to describe, more so than usual. There is a clear combination of scents, however they are quite hard to distinguish. It is a perfect harmony of scents that one would probably not consider mixing and yet it makes perfect sense for them to be combined in this manner by the people behind the perfume.

The perfume is without a doubt feminine, but not incredibly so. There is a clear note of mystery which makes the perfume more attractive, but it also reminds me of  times long passed. The scent makes me think of a glamorous ball room full of swaying gowns. There is no other way to describe the perfume, at least in my opinion. Overall, if I were to sum it up in one word, that word would, without a doubt, be luxurious.

These are words I wrote long ago (with some additions), but I still stand by them. I still believe that the fragrance from Shay and Blue is unique and it deserves a chance. I still use my little bottles, well the ones I have gotten my hands on since I finished the one pictured. However, the brand failed to truly impress me in terms of scents. I tried the others in store and now at home and they were not what I was expecting. For that reason, even though I did like the Atropa Belladonna I am not Shay and Blue’s number one fan. I don’t run out to get my hands on their latest releases and instead rely on the generosity of M&S and sometimes QVC to test more from the brand through beauty boxes or advent calendars.

Where can you buy Atropa Belladonna from Shay and Blue?


Have you tried any fragrances from Shay & Blue London? What is your favourite scent at the moment?

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