Odacite Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum Review

I don’t know about you, but I really love Odacite. Their products pack a lot of active ingredients even though they come in small packages. I have not had the chance to try many of them, but now I finally got my hands on a new one and that is all due to the fact that it was included in the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar as the 4th product.

Here are my thoughts.

Odacite Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum

The Odacite Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum comes in a small glass container with a roller for easy application. The roller glides easily on your lips thus making the application a breeze. This also helps you apply the product all over without having to glide over certain areas again because they were left uncovered by product.

The product itself is not what I expected. The product has an oily texture, but it is also quite light. While I love the texture and even the look of the product on the lips to some extent, I do think it can be quite oily and not something I would necessarily wear outside. This is more suited as an overnight product.

In addition to the fact that the Odacite Kiss Lip Serum is on the oily side and it can look a bit strange, the reason why I suggested to wear it overnight rather than during the day is because during the day one tends to open their mouth, to talk etc. The product from Odacite does not taste all that great so it is better to apply when you don’t plan on speaking so that the product does not get into your mouth.

Okay, so we talked about texture and taste, but what is this product actually meant to do? The product from Odacite is meant to rejuvenate the lips and make them more plump. In addition, it should also help you improve the hydration so basically say goodbye to dry lips.

But does it work?

Hmm. That is kinda hard to answer.

There is some plumping going on, but the effects are not super visible. I don’t mind this bit, but despite having tried some really strange and powerful products in order to obtain some more volume in my lip area, no product really bothered me this much. Like with Lip Injection from TooFaced I expected it to hurt, here with Odacite, it was really uncomfortable and only in some areas which made it worse. My lips did not become numb after a while, but continued to hurt or better yet, sting. Overall, it was really unpleasant.

I cannot say that this product is not nourishing and does not make the lips look better after repeated use, however that stinging combined with the unpleasant taste really put me off. This is not a product I would consider buying no matter how much I love the brand or the idea behind the product. So despite the fact that this product is not half bad and does its job really well, I just cannot get past some of the disadvantages which for me, are deal breakers.

If you are still interested in getting this product then you can find it here:


Have you tried the Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum from Odacite?


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