ColourPop Pretty Fresh Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Primer

It has been quite a while since I reviewed a primer, but also since I reviewed one product from my quite insane collection of ColourPop products. Ever since I discovered just how easy it is to get ColourPop in the UK, I have been a bit unstoppable when it comes to ordering from them. Can you blame me?

On elf the last products I got from them is the Pretty Fresh Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Primer which I am going to finally review today. I got a bit sidetracked by the array of beauty advent calendars at the end of last year, but now I do want to tell you a bit more about ColourPop and sister brands products.

Pretty Fresh Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Primer

The moment the Pretty Fresh collection from ColoruPop was released, I just had to get it. I stayed away from ColourPop primers till now, not that they released many, but this one I was intrigued about. The entire collection in fact as I alluded above, but the primer was right at the top. Why? I haven’t seen a hyaluronic acid primer in ages, at least not one that works. But does it work?

It actually kind does. The Pretty Fresh Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Primer is surprisingly hydrating. Yes, I am going to go all in and let you know right away that the primer is hydrating. I was incredibly surprised that it works, but it does. The primer creates the perfect base for your makeup and due to the HA, makeup does not tend to flake as much. Well, mine used to flake from time time. That is all due to the fact that in the mornings I tended to skip HA as I was always in a hurry. Now, even if I forget about my HA, I still can get some from this product. While the level and quality (perhaps) of this HA does not compare to the one in the products I usually use, it is still better than nothing. Hey, no judging. I am just being honest here.

In terms of texture, the Pretty Fresh Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Primer from ColourPop is so light. I have never seen a primer that is this light. This one is almost like water, but obviously not. It is super runny.


As for the way it dries, the Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Primer actually dries a bit glowy. So if you are all about matte then this might not be for you, but it can be especially if you already use a matte foundation. While it might make the foundation a bit less matte, it is still not super glowy. However, if you use it with a sheer foundation you might end up with an amazingly fresh glow.

Another thing I need to mention is that primer absorbs quite fast and well into the skin.

Honestly, I am so in love with this primer that it is not even funny. I loved it from the first time I used it and I love it even now…

Yes, even now. Sadly, from time to time I found that I can get clogged pores and irritated spots as a results. This happens usually after several days of use so if I take breaks then I do not have any issues. This is pretty annoying and under different circumstances I would have given up on the product. I have given up on a product for less but in this case, there is really no other primer like this one, not from what I found.

I do sort of recommend this product because it is definitely special. However, be cautions. For the most part, this product has really good ingredients, however some are not as good for oily skin such as mine thus the not so nice occasional reactions. The Argania Spinosa Kernel and Coconut Oil can trigger fungal acne so if you suffer from the condition, then stay away from this product as there are others on the market. They might not be the same, but still better safe than sorry.

Where can you buy the Pretty Fresh Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Primer?

The ColourPop website of course!


Have you tried the Pretty Fresh Primer? Do you know an alternative?


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