Hourglass Radiant Light Powder

I wrote a very different intro for this article which now is no longer applicable, so I am writing this instead. I am trying really hard to keep my posting streak as I already posted 40 days straight which is unlike me and I want to see how long I can keep this up. I am a bit stretched for time, so from time to time I will talk about the products I know best rather than the ones I had planned to take about. However, I will try to keep it relevant and interesting as much as I can. As always, I will prioritise quality and value rather than focus on quantity.

Anyway, without further ado, I want to talk to you about the Hourglass Radiant Light Powder which was included in the Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar.


Hourglass Radiant Light Powder Review

The Hourglass Light Powder is probably a product you are already familiar with in some fashion. The product is very much like the pans in the Ambient palette and the rest of the palettes from the same range. I know, I know, however I never really paid any special interest to those best-selling palettes so I cannot comment whether this product was part of one such palette and even it is exactly the same in terms of consistency and such. All I know is that it looks very similar. I just want to focus on the product in the shape and form I got it in and that is how I will think about it in this review.

The first thing I noticed about the product from Hourglass is the packaging. The product comes in the classic, sleek Hourglass packaging. It is the same as they used for many of their other products and what makes the brand so recognise-able.

Then came the fact that the product is very travel and very purse friendly. You can really carry this product everywhere with you and you won’t even notice it is there.

But then I opened the compact and saw its contents. Nothing else mattered. The powder comes in a beautiful dim light colour that is just perfect regardless of skin tone and time of day. It simply works.

Okay, I just realised that I forgot the most essential part of the story. Sadly it happens way to often where I am concerned. Shh, or some people might realise that I am actually bad at my job. Just kidding! Anyway, the Radiant Powder from Hourglass for those of you who have never encountered the product before, is in fact a powdery and soft highlighter.

This bring me to my next point. The Radiant Light from Hourglass is a highlighter of sorts in powder format. I said of sorts as this highlighter is the softest one I have ever seen, I mean the light it casts is super soft and delicate. This is definitely not a product for those who are looking for a off the charts glow, but it is a product everyone should own. Not necessarily in this shade, but something as delicate as this is an essential regardless of preferences. That is quite the bold claim, but there is a time and place for super glittery stuff… I love those kind of products as well, don’t get me wrong. However, those are really not interview approved in most industries at least.Just an example.

Okay, I am going to shut up before people start to hate me more than they already do. I am being dramatic here but I just encountered my first hateful comment in almost 10 years go blogging so I am a bit ratted even if I promised myself I would not be. But I hope you get where I am coming from and understand why I said the things I did.

The Radiant Light Powder from Hourglass I got is in a shade called ‘Dim Light’ and that is exactly what it looks like. It is a soft bright colour, maybe even peach like, but it does not seem to look coloured on the skin. It just brightens and catches the light in a different manner so that it makes the complexion look more radiant.


Overall, this Radiant Light Powder from Hourglass is a product I wholeheartedly recommend. You might not always see it on your skin, but it is there. Others will definitely see it and that is the magic of it. You will achieve a radiant look in an effortless manner. Truly a beautiful product, at least I love it for its simplicity. It is not a wow product, but it is a high quality and luxurious product that everyone needs to have in their beauty bag for a quick and effective magical effect.


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