AUTOGRAPH Lasting Colour Intense Liquid Lipstick

Some of you might already be familiar with Autograph, but just in case you are not, Autograph is a Marks and Spencer brand. The brand makes both clothing and beauty products. One such beauty product is the Lasting Colour Intense Liquid Lipstick which I am going to talk in this article.

I am not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, especially not matte ones. When I first saw matte liquid lipstick on someone I loved it, the same happened the next time, but I absolutely hated it on me when I first tried it and then the second time and so on. I just don’t have lips big enough to pull it off maybe? Furthermore, I dislike the fact that most liquid lipstick looks cracked and it dries out your lips. So even though I do try matte lipstick every once in a while, I have no hopes that I am going to find one that is great. For that reason when I first received the Autograph Lasting Colour Intense Liquid Lipstick in a beauty box, I was more meh than yay.

The Autograph Lasting Colour Intense Liquid Lipstick is actually not that bad. The lipstick is very creamy and it is easy to apply with precision due to slightly modified applicator. It is not the traditional one and I dig it, truly! Like I said, the lipstick is creamy and it stays that way, well most than any other matte lipstick I tried before. Oh yes, the lipstick is matte in case all my referees to matte lipstick did not fully sink in. I do have the tendency to be a bit convoluted in my writing.

Furthermore, the Lasting Colour Intense Liquid Lipstick from Autograph is surprisingly long lasting, as the tube indicates. I know that liquid lipstick, especially the matte variety does tend to last longer than most lipsticks, but this one lasted even longer so yay for that.

The colour I have is Plum Suede which is a nice pinkish mauve. The colour looks beautiful on the lips, but you can find similar shades at other brands. It does look pretty.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 14.55.51.png

The colour does tend to darken a bit once it dries.

Overall, I liked the lipstick and I was pretty much impressed with it. I am not sure whether I will turn to it too often. So far I haven’t used it since I received it back in summer, but given my current collection of lipsticks that does not mean much. I do like it overall and if matte is your thing, then I recommend you try it.

The lipstick is also pretty affordable: Β£10 (at the time of writing).


Also, happy birthday Blush Suede! Today is exactly one year since we started this blog.



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