How to keep your lips happy this winter

Cold weather is simply the worst. Not only it makes it impossible to go outside at times, depending on where you are living, but it also makes your skin feel super uncomfortable and leads to cracked lips. Who wants cracked lips? They are so un-kiss-able! For that reason, I looked into various options on how I could keep my lips happy during winter.

Happy lips are not something you see in winter, well not unless you do something about it. In winter your lips need extra care to be happy. It sounds pretty easy, no? You apply some lip balm and you are done. Well, in theory that is correct. In practice, not so much. Not all lip balms are effective or strong enough to solve your issues. After trying out more than $300 worth of lip balm, here is what I found that actually works.

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Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix is one such product that I can truly recommend for happy lips. The Kiss Mix comes in different colours, but I have only tried the clear one. However, it is nice that you have the option to get a coloured one as you can replace your lipstick with it.

Anyways, the Kiss Mix works wonders on cracked lips and especially in preventing cracked lips. The balm applies as clear with a tiny white tint to it, but it only serves to make your lips look brighten than anything else. The balm is also a bit minty, but it does not seem to produce any plumping.

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Then we have Glossier’s Balm DotCom which is also great for keeping on the lips as a protector. Personally, I prefer to keep it on as a mask of sorts, aka leave it on for a period of time and then take it off before going out. If you decide to go with the universal skin salve then it might take you a bit to adjust as the taste is not exactly great. It works, but the taste is a bit of a put off.

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Another favourite of mine for which I reach way too often, so often that I caused some of my other balms to develop a complex is this Sephora Almond Balm. I absolutely love this balm as it smells great, it feel comfortable on the lips and it is incredibly effective. It is simply addicting and I cannot help but recommend you try it. Not all the lip balms from Sephora, even from this collection are as good sadly.

These are the 3 products that I can recommend and in which I truly believe in. If you know of any other amazing lip balms that help keep your lips happy, do let me know in a comment below. I am looking forward to try them!

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