Marc Jacobs Beauty FineLiner Review

For the first time in what seems like forever, I am back with a new review of a makeup product. Today I want to talk about a beauty product that I got in the autumn Harvey Nichols 2020 beauty gift with purchase and that is the Marc Jacobs Fineliner aka the Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon.

Have you used it before? I never came across it before receiving it in the gift.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Fineliner

I am not quite THAT new when it comes to Marc Jacobs Beauty, however I do have to say that I do not have a good track record with the brand’s products either. The last time I voluntarily purchased something from the brand was like 2017 or so…everything else that I tried since has been included in beauty gifts with purchase and safe to say, nothing made me want to invest my money into the brand. It is not that the products were bad per se, but they simply did not work for me.

When I got the Fineliner, I placed it aside. I was sure that I would end up disliking it or that it would not suit my needs. Luckily, one day I misplaced my kohl crayon, well the one I was using at that time (all the others were and still are in their storage box as I have no real need for them since I barely do video calls at work or leave the house) and picked the Fineliner up as I had yet to put it with the rest. It was there and I grabbed it, okay? It just won’t do to have no eye makeup and for someone to see me without. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t make much fuss when it comes to making sure my appearance is perfect (it is anything but really), but since I started using eyeliner/eye crayon/khol whatever I have been unable to look at myself in the mirror and prepare to go out without something on. I honestly do not know why that is, but I guess that wearing spectacles did play a part. My eyes are less visible without something to emphasise them.

Anyway, so I picked up the Fineliner and I have been using it ever since. Not only does the Fineliner mechanism makes things easier as you just twist it up to get more product without having to worry about not finding one of the many sharpeners when you need one, but it is surprisingly easy to apply and sufficiently soft.

I don’t know about you, but I go really in, I apply such products directly on the waterline (as much as possible) and with other products, that can be hard to do. The Fineliner is so skinny that it makes such applications easy. It can also be applied on the upper lash line, in between the lashes if you wish without too much difficulty. You can also use it for the cat-eye look, but I would recommend against using it to fill in the area, but rather just contour it.

We established that the Fineliner is quite skinny which is a good thing. Okay, we did not really need to “establish” that as the name pretty much suggests it and you might have seen it in the photos as well, but yes, the product is super skinny. However, something that matter more, in my opinion at least, is that the product is sufficiently soft to be applied in the above mentioned areas. The Fineliner is soft and does not feel like you are scratching the ultra sensitive skin around the eyes. It does not glide like other thicker gel-crayons, but it comes close. It truly makes application easy.

Not only do we have the mechanism, the thickness and the softness of the product, but the product is still solid enough so that it does not break when applying it and it does not cause a mess. Furthermore, the product is pigmented just enough so that you can get a good colour payoff. The product lasts a good few hours, but some of the colour might come off (or it might just be rubbing at my eyes more often as I am no longer used to such products) however it does not lead to panda eyes. That I can assure you.

Overall, this has to be (it is actually!) the first product from Marc Jacobs Beauty that I will definitely purchase again in the future. I enjoy using the Fineliner and it checks all the boxes as far as I am concerned. I highly recommend getting this product.

Where can you purchase the Fineliner from?


Harvey Nichols


Have you ever tried Marc Jacobs Beauty? Any Recommendations?

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