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The Glow Edit: In Collaboration with Funmi Fetto

Liberty is back with another beauty kit. Yes, another. They sure seem keen on these, not that we mind. The new beauty kit focuses on all things “glow” and has been created in collaboration with Funmi Fetto. Read more below.

The Glow Edit Contents

Davines Love Curl Shampoo 250ml

Davines Love Curl Conditioner 250ml

REN Clean Skincare Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic 250ml

Epara Intense Hydrating Mask 15ml

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Hair Oil 15ml

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Starwoman 2ml Travel Size – review here.

Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste 30ml

QMS Medicosmetics ACE Vitamin Day & Night Cream 50ml

Soapsmith Brick Lane Hand Made Soap

Liberty Starburst Print Wash BagCreated in collaboration with Funmi Fetto

Price and Value

The Glow Edit is priced at £70 and has a value of £321.86. As such, this kit represents a £251.86 saving. In addition, not only you get some pretty cute goodies, but also do some good. According to Liberty, five percent of the sale price of each beauty kit sold will be donated to the charity Imkaan. Imkaan is a registered charity no. 1105976 (England & Wales).

The kit can be purchased here.


I have to say that I was not expecting this new launch, especially so soon after the last beauty edit. However, like I said in my very short intro (small miracles), I cannot say that I mind and I am sure you do not either. Sure, having multiple offers makes it hard to choose and also hard to keep your money and increase your savings, but at the same time, this allows you to get better deals as it makes for a competitive market. Plus, an offer on its own allows you to get some overpriced goodies (yes, overpriced – do we need to have this talk?!) at more reasonable prices.

I do not have any comments on the products themselves. I only tried one products from this kit which is linked the review for above. In addition, I have owned several bottles of the REN Skincare Tonic (still do actually, just got another one), however, surprisingly, it did not catch my interest. I love the brand and yet, this one product just does not appeal to me as much. I will try it at some point and report back to you, but perhaps not just yet :).

Like I said above, I haven’t tried any of the other products so I won’t comment on them. However, I will comment on the overall kit.

What I like about this kit is that it contains many goodies that we haven’t necessarily seen featured in recent kits, even if the brands have made previous appearances. It is nice to get a larger variety of products from Liberty, despite their still limited selection. Compared to other retailers, I do believe Liberty carries a much more curated collection of beauty products and as such, perhaps less to choose from. However, you at least have the confidence that the products underwent a more rigorous (not necessarily the word I like here, but it will do) selection. The same applies to this kit.

Whether you decide to go for this kit is obviously up to you. Personally, I will skip it as I do not need more products right now especially with the advent calendar season upon up (I know it is May, but from August onwards it is fair game). However, there is no need for FOMO either. It is not that that the products are not great or anything of the sort, but there will be more, as the past has shown us. If it is not this one, it can be the next one or the one after that. Do what is best for you.

Grab the Glow Edit here.

What do you think of this beauty kit?

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  1. O

    Nars Starwoman seems to appear so often in the recent months. I still have mine from the Cult Beauty 2019 calendar and my goal is to finish it this year (for me it’s ambitious given it’s a pigment so compulsive reapplication won’t do). I remember not buying some kit because it had this item in it.
    The REN toner seems to be a beauty offer staple too recently. I’m using mine right now but can’t do it daily, so my 50 ml bottle will last me at least 2 months.

    As for this kit I thought it was the previous offer, is it me or it’s super similar to something Liberty released earlier this year?

    I too already think of Advent Calendar season. Will have to curb shopping big time. One thing will help: I checked Skin City website and prices in EUR are ca. 30% higher than prices in GBP. At least this year if nothing changes I won’t feel disappointed for missing out on their calendar.
    Would be nice if other brands put less makeup. It’s off putting for me to see yet another Nars Orgasm, Nars Laguna, Huda Obsessions in Ruby, Topaz, Coral or Emerald and brow products. Can stack them >.<

    1. Nana

      I totally get that. However I believe there is huge stock of makeup products so they do need to get rid of it. Also, more countries are lifting restrictions and some do not require face masks so people can wear makeup all the time with no issue…. not my case and even if it were I am not ready for that, but some people look forward to makeup and I guess it appeals to them or the retailer thinks it does.

      As for the similarity, when I saw the photos I thought so as well. It happens quite often actually when Liberty released a new one of these kits. However, I guess it is because of the limited number of brands they carry. Plus if they go for the same brands, then they will have to include the same item from a brand time and time again as they all have their limitations in terms of variety.

      Are you enjoying the REN Skincare toner?

      Also, SkinCity was a bit of a letdown last year so I do not really think you missed anything. I haven’t ranked last year’s calendars yet, but SkinCity is not high up on my list

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