Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment

I haven’t talked about NARS on this blog, but I have been using their products ever since I attended Glamour Beauty Festival in 2016. If I am not mistaken, it was then when I received my first ever NARS product and my collection has been growing since. However, I do have to admit that my collection is nothing spectacular, but I do love the brand and I tend to get one of their products every few months to try.


The Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment is quite popular product among bloggers and beauty junkies. However, that is not the reason why I wanted to try out so badly. It looked pretty intriguing in shops and magazines alike and that made me really curious to try it out. Finding a matte lip product that is great and looks good on the lips after a period of time is quite a feat.


Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment Review

The pigment I have is in colour Starwoman which is incredibly red, a bit too red for my taste however one always needs to challenge themselves even if only on this scale. I rarely wear it and after the disaster at my graduation – nothing too bad happened, only all my photos look horrible as I was not in the right state of mind – I have been avoiding it till now. Red is a colour that needs an attitude to match if you want to pull it off and as much as we want to be all go getters and never give up, we have our bad days. You get it, right?


As for the product itself, I absolutely love it! I love the packaging, but more than that, I love the applicator. A good applicator is hard to find which is why I often use a brush. I am curious to see whether I will think the same if I were to get a full size version of the product! The quality of the product is also really great, but that is what you usually get with NARS. Yet again, NARS did not disappoint me. The colour is riche, the texture is beautiful and it feels incredibly comfortable on my lips even after I had it on for several hours and drank or ate something. Some lip products begin to feel really uncomfortable after eating or drinking or even talking for long periods of time, but not this one. Some of the product does tend to come off, but it is a lip pigment and it tends to stain the lips so you are left with colour without having to necessarily retouch. Of course you might want to and that is okay, but if there is an emergency and you simply cannot reach your product, you will also be fine. That is more than can be said for many other red lip products.

Another thing that I love about the NARS Powermatte lip pigment is that it does not smudge, at least not like a regular red lipstick. I am curious whether this is the same for everyone, but I honestly did not wear a wax liner around the lip contour and it still stayed where it was supposed to. I hate those wax lip products that are meant to protect the lipstick from smudging! They are great, but ewww.


I think I diverged a little throughout this post, but the idea is that I think that the NARS powermatte lip pigment is absolutely amazing, it feels like you are painting your lips in a way, if that makes sense. I honestly wish to get one in a different colour, however that might not be as easy as it sounds. I had a quick look at them in Selfridges, but the colours seem to be too bold for my taste. I found a few online that look a bit tamer, but those tend to be out of stock everywhere I look. I will definitely keep looking as the product is so good that it makes me want to play with other colours as well. Overall, I love it and I understand why it has so many fans around the world and why it will have many more.

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What do you think of the NARS Powermatte lip pigment?


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