lip addict lip plumping gloss in pink 001

Dior Lip Maximizer Lip Plumping Gloss

I was looking through all my product photos when I stumbled upon the Dior Lip Maximizer Plumping Lip Gloss. I cannot believe that I have been using this product for so long and yet I have not reviewed it. This is a product that I first got in 2017 or so and am still using it to this day. Yeah, that is a huge spoiler right there.

lip addict lip plumping gloss in pink 001

Dior Lip Maximizer Lip Plumping Gloss Review

The Dior Maximizer Lip Gloss is quite a straightforward product, there is nothing much I can really say about it so this should be short.

The lip gloss from Dior comes in a tube with a thin applicator which makes it easy to apply without putting on too much product. We know those, we hate those and this is definitely not one of them.

In terms of texture, the Dior plumping lip gloss feels really nice. It is not the gummy type of gloss which does not make your lips stick together at all, it does not make you feel like your upper lip and lower lip just glide when in contact with one another (that sounded pretty weird!), no it is not one of those lip glosses. However, the Dior plumping lip gloss is not sticky either. It is just fine.

In terms of effectiveness, the Dior Maximizer Lip Plumping Gloss is doing quite a good job at making your lips seem bigger. Your lips do increase in volume slightly, but the effect is not extreme, but it is not painful either. The plumping is due to a minty and tingling feeling and not pepper or who knows what else. So even though it might feel a bit strange at first, it does not bother me at all. You feel your lips increasing in volume, but it is not painful or at least it should not be. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients used then you should definitely avoid this product, I hope that goes without saying.

As for the look and colour, I went with the classic 001 Pink. The colour is not that visible and noes not impact the colour of my lips too much. I do feel that my lips seem a bit brighter when I have this product on, but not by much. It does make your lips a bit more pouty and innocent looking and yet they can catch someone’s attention *wink. I would say that the Dior Lip Plumping Gloss helps you achieve an effortless look.

Overall, you already know this, I love the lip gloss from Dior. It is a cute little product that is both effective and looks really nice on the lips. It is absolutely perfect for when you are on the run, but do not want to leave your lips bare. It does not require too much maintenance either, if any actually.

lip addict lip plumping gloss in pink 001

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Have you tried the Dior Maximizer Lip Plumping Gloss?

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  1. Susan

    Never tried this particular product from Dior before, but I recently tried some Dior lip product samples, including a different gloss, and I loved them all so much that I ended up buying the full sizes. It’s gonna be very hard for me to use any other brand I own at this point. Dior seems to make excellent lip products.

    1. Nana

      They really do! I also increased my collection considerably since I purchased this product. It was my first lip product. Do you have a favourite?

      1. Susan

        The 3 I bought are Addict Stellar Lip Gloss (629), Addict Halo Shine Lipstick (667), and Addict Stellar Shine Lipstick (667). I would say the Stellar Shine is my favorite because it feels lovely on the lips and it is SUCH a great shade…it’s very difficult for me to find a pink that I think works so well with my skin tone. It really has that “my lips, but better” thing going on. I love all of them, they’re fantastic.

      2. Nana

        I need to have a look at these. I never really tried any of their lipstick actually. Focused on balms, glosses and oils. Been meaning too, but cannot decide on the shade 🙃

      3. Susan

        What I like about the lipstick I have is that it reminds me of gloss due to how creamy/soft and light it is. Picking the shade is definitely the hardest part!

      4. Nana

        Since it is so creamy, is it super soft in the sense that you use it up quickly? As in a lot of product gets applied at once or..? I know that when I used a buttery lipstick from Burt Bees I could clearly see how much I used in an application. The difference was significant if that makes sense.

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