ASOS May Beauty Boxes

I am back with a short post about the two new beauty boxes from ASOS. I usually miss these as they are gone so fast, but perhaps not this time. This time, they are too good to miss out on them so I have been keeping track of their launches more closely than usual. Curious yet? Have a look below at what each of the two boxes contains. In addition, you can find my usual comments.

ASOS Textured Hair Must Haves

  • Cantu Avocado Curling Cream 340g
  • Living Proof No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask 30ml
  • Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector 100ml
  • Ouai Curl Creme 30ml
  • Shea Moisture Red Palm & Cocoa Pudding 355ml

The new ASOS box for textured hair is priced at £12 and is available for purchase here.

Now, in terms of contents, the only product that personally caught my attention is the Olaplex full sized product. The No. 3 was the first product I purchased from the brand when I did not even believe in the brand. After a very blunt (at home) haircut, I was desperate and finally gave it a go. Best investment hair wise I have made in a long time. Simple as that. The tips of my hair would prickle the skin on my neck and I would suffer from severe redness. I have no proper explanation for that, but I guess it was a combination of a very sharp pair of scissors and a blunt cut which impacted the bonds in my hair. In any case, this product from Olaplex softened said tips and my hair recovered after several uses. I have ben using it ever since and I love the way it makes my hair look, but also how glossy it leaves it without weighting it down.

There are some other note worthy products in this box such as the one from Living Proof, but the Olapelx alone, worth approximately £26 (depends on where you are shopping from and where you are buying it from) makes the box worth purchasing.

ASOS Hair Repair Beauty Box

  • Beauty Works Argan Oil Serum 30ml
  • Frank Body Caffeinated Scalp Scrub 125ml
  • Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo Travel 60ml
  • Olaplex No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask 20ml
  • We Are Paradoxx Repair 3 in 1 Conditioner 15ml

The Hair Repair Beauty Box is also priced at £12 and can be purchased here.

When it comes to the Hair Repair box I have no comments as I haven’t tried any of the products. I only own the Olaplex product, but just received it. I do find it great that the product was included in this box given that it was just released a few weeks ago, even if in travel size.

Overall, both boxes are worth a try, especially if you are always on the lookout for the next great thing for your hair and you do not want to spend a small fortune trying out products you most likely will end up hating. Okay, hate is a strong word, but dislike. Let’s be honest, hair has a mind of its own, sometimes more than skin. Personally, I always struggled with styling, with making my hair just “stay” in a certain position. My left and right side of the hair act exactly the same rather than settle in a symmetrical way. I went through hundreds of hair products throughout my life and only found a few that work for me and I am talking shampoo, styling products or hair masks. Chances are that you understand what I am talking about. If that is the case, I strongly believe you can just get the right amount of value of these boxes.

What do you think of the two new beauty boxes from ASOS?

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  1. Rosebud's Diary

    I would definitely try to buy Textured hair must have box. It is a real deal since I usually buy Olaplex . I hope that it will be available for my country since I’m not from UK.

      1. Rosebud's Diary

        I can sometimes put the items in my bag on UK site. However, the moment I log in or enter my adress, it automatically switches to my country/store. I’m from Croatia 🙂

      2. Nana

        It happens to me as well. I am no longer UK based so I cannot order everything I want anymore. 🙁 even when I shop on the ‘local’ website I sometimes am told at checkout that some items are not eligible

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