How to shop for beauty at TK Maxx

Everybody loves a good bargain. Well, I certainly do and you should know this by now. I always try and do my best to get the most value for my hard earned cash. For that reason, I am no stranger when it comes to shopping at stores such as TK Maxx or TJ Maxx (depending on where you are in the world). I am truly not.

Some people are proud of the products they find in TK Maxx, while others are ashamed to be caught near the store. That is their prerogative. I don’t give an eff what is the name of the store I shop at as long as I can find what I want or need and get my money’s worth. I just wanted to make this clear. I even shop at Poundland if I ever find myself near one. I simply do not care. However, there are certain things I do care about and pay attention to each time I shop in such places, specifically when I shop at TK Maxx as that is what this article is about.

Here are the things you need to know:


1. Never get products you cannot afford to throw away

The most important rule when it comes to shopping at TK Maxx is that you should never buy things you cannot afford to throw away.

I totally get the allure of buying that Anastasia Beverly Hills kit that has been on your wish list for ages, but never got around to buy it when you find it at a huge discount. On some level it makes total sense. However, you might discover that the quality of some items leaves something o be desired and they are definitely not something you will want to use so those items need to go in the trash. You need to be prepared to do this.

So my first piece of advice is to stay clear of things you won’t be able to throw away and just find a similar product at a more affordable brand, a product you know is good quality and recently manufactured.

2. The more security measures, the better

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Another thing you should pay attention to are the security measures. Some items are placed in closed plastic containers by the store which means that customers would have not been able to touch the product and open it. This is not always true, but most of the time it is.

However, you should also look to see whether the security tape has been broken and whether the aluminium foil found mostly in body care and skincare products is still there. If it isn’t then move along. The product might be untouched, but if the foil is not there then the “how long after opening” expiration period is in place and you could end up with an expired product or one whose times will run out shortly after purchase.

Another ting I want to specify here is that outer packaging does not matter as much as any faults here might be the reason why the product ended up in TK Maxx in the first place.

3. Please do not open up products

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If you are interested in a makeup product, but you are unsure what a shade looks like then google it. Search on the internet what a product looks like and do not open it. I know you won’t do this, but felt the need to put it here regardless. You don’t want to buy opened product and neither do other people.

4. Be very careful when it comes to makeup items

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If with body care and skincare it is usually easy to tell if something has been opened or tried, there are some makeup items for which it is not as easy.

For example, if a palette does not come fully try to sneak a peak as some of those plastic covers can be easily removed. However, the main issue are products such a lipglosses and eyeliners. If with a lipstick you can easily tell if someone messed around with it, you cannot do that with a liquid lipstick or a lipgloss. So better stay away from them all. There is really no reason to put your health at risk.


These are my main tips, the first few things that come to mind. The list is obviously not exhaustive so if you have additional tips, do let me know in a comment below.

Now I want to tell you a bit more about the things I buy, how I choose them and why.

I used to visit a TK Maxx quite often, but I did not always get something. However, when I did I almost always proceeded in the same way. I was bargain hunting after all, but also had in interest in finding products from new brands. I followed the tips mentioned above, but felt I should share this story as it might be slightly clear if you read about me in action.

When it comes to makeup, I avoid almost every single item. I sometimes do get some of those that are properly packaged and would have been impossible to tamper with – products that come in plastic wrapping that requires a pair of scissors to open or something similar. If it does not fit into that category then it is a pass for me. Small stickers can be removed so better safe than sorry. I do not care if it is the biggest bargain ever or not or if it is a product I wanted to buy for a long time. I just avoid them,

I usually stick to skincare items and focus mostly on body care. When it comes to skincare, I am incredibly picky. I only get items that I know are not available anywhere else in the UK. I usually buy products from new brands or brands that I have not seen before. I also stick only to affordable items, i.e up to £10. I get toners and mists mostly, but all of them with a plastic wrapper around the cap that clearly indicates that the product had not been opened.

I rarely buy masks and I never buy face creams. That is a rule for me. You just never know which ones are out of date or soon to be out of date. 

I feel much more comfortable buying body care though. I often buy liquid hand wash or soaps. I am a huge fan of Scottish Fine Soaps which is stocked at TK Maxx, but there are many interesting brands. If you are ever in need for some fancy hand wash that does not cos a fortune then this is the place to find it. However, I also get body wash, bath salts and the like. Body creams are something I am also very careful about and more often than not, I ignore them.

The one thing I am less careful about are the accessories. Most items can be disinfected. Of course, I do stick to properly packaged items, but I also know that they can be cleaned and disinfected if I have any concerns.

And that is about it. That is how my shopping at TK Maxx goes. 


One last thing. I did not write this article to scare you. I just wanted you to know how things are or at least, how I see them. I love TK Maxx, but the truth is that you need to be very careful. You just have to! On the other hand, there are many products and brands to discover in the stores. Personally, I found so many amazing gems over the years that I would not give up for anything. 


Do you shop at TK Maxx?


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