Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipstick

Armani ecstasy shine lipsticks

I have been away for quite a while now, despite the fact that I have been trying to stick to a routine. Life has been crazy and truth be told, I am so anxious and stressed that I just don’t feel like writing a sub par review, especially not for products that deserve all the praise one can muster.

Today, I am going to talk about the Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipstick, a lipstick that did raise my interest after Dakota Johnson wore it. Yes, in that movie. At least I am being honest!

Armani ecstasy shine lipsticks

Armani ecstasy shine lipsticks

Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipstick Review

There has been a whole new wave of sheer or balm like lipsticks popping up on the market. While the Armani Ecstasy does sort of fit in into those categories, I found that it also tends to stand out. Bear with me. I am prone to come up with weird explanations that might seem to contradict themselves, but make a whole lot of sense in my head. It will make sense in the end, I promise. (Weird parentheses here, why do I see myself walking up and down on Brompton road in front of the Victoria and Albert museum in London as I am writing this? Sure, I used to live near by and have lived there for several years, but I was already living at home when I purchased this product. Such a weird image that does not seem to leave me and I have no idea what it has to do with this products, if anything at all).

Anyway, back to the lipstick as today it seems that I am going on more tangents than ever before and I have yet to actually talk about the Armani Ecstasy Lipstick.

Okay, so yes the lipstick may have caught my attention after seeing how great it looked on Dakota Johnson, at least that is what articles claimed that she wore while filming her well known movies. I honestly have no way to verify this. But I decided to try the lipstick as well. And I have to say that I fell in love the very first time I tried it on.

The Armani Ecstasy Lipstick glides onto the lips so flawlessly. The lipstick from Armani Beauty is creamy yet not super soft. It is like those buttery lipsticks that you use 10-15 times and they are gone or they break, whichever happens sooner.

The lipsticks has a nice formula so that the product lasts and I am not talking about lasting just in the tube here. The lipstick does stay on for quite a surprising amount of time as well. Unlike many other creamy lipsticks, you will still have this one on after a few sips of water. It will come off completely with food though.

The Armani Ecstasy Shine lipstick is a bit sheer though. The lipstick is creamy and has a shiny finish as opposed to matte and it is a bit sheer. It might not be as pigmented as other lipsticks, but there is definitely some pigmentation going on there and it is also buildable. The product is almost like a pigmented lip balm. But it is a like highly pigmented lip balm. See, I said that it would be very confusing to read this.

So just to recap, this is not a lip balm nor a nearly there lipstick. Compared to normal lipsticks, the Armani Beauty products is not as pigmented, but compared to lip balms it is super pigmented. In terms of texture, the lipstick does resemble a lip balm a bit, but where you see the resemblance really is in the way the lipstick behaves and how it feels on the lips. The Armani Ecstasy lipstick feels almost like a lip balm. It is like it is not even on and most of all, it is super hydrating, but still it is not a lip balm. Armani does have a separate range in the Ecstasy collection and those are indeed lip balms and nothing like this lipstick. More about that later.

In terms of shades, there are many shades to choose from. I am tempted to grow my collection, but for now I went with Fatale. The shade is like a dark pinkish nude and works perfectly on me. It looks both cute and sexy at the same time. It looks innocent and yet my lips are definitely darker and more popping than usual. The shade Garconne is the next one I have my eyes on.

Overall, I am beyond happy with this purchase. This product one of my favourite lipsticks and I honestly do not foresee that changing anytime soon. It is exactly what I did not know I needed. So yes, I truly recommend getting the Armani

Armani ecstasy shine lipsticks

Look, I am not sure whether I managed to get my point across. I am a bit rusty, I admit. Taking these past few days off made it a bit difficult for me to get started on writing this article. Everything that is going on in my life and in the world also puts quite a bit of a strain on everything. However, what I do hope you got from this whole review is that the Armani Ecstasy lipstick is a superb product and it is one that deserves your attention. This is a super versatile product. It is innocent enough, but it is a perfect both day and night.


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