Niche Beauty Highlights Advent Calendar + Incredible Offer

As you might already know, I have been following Niche Beauty for a while but placed my first order just a few weeks back. My experience with Niche Beauty is detailed here while the review of the contents of my order – their other beauty advent calendar is available here.

Given that I already own one of the Niche Beauty advent calendars, I was shocked to discover earlier today that they released a new one. See more below. Also, make sure to read till the end as a great offer awaits you. I truly mean it!

Niche Beauty Highlights Advent Calendar Contents

1. Lano / Lanolips 101 Ointment Pyramid / 15 ml / Full size

2. Aesop / Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash / 30 ml / Full size

3. Westman Atelier / Eye Love You Mascara / 2 g / Travel size

4. Dr. Barbara Sturm / Anti-Aging Body Cream / 50 g / Travel size

5. Augustinus Bader / The Cream / 7 ml / Travel size

6. Leonor Greyl / Shampooing Créme Moelle de Bambou / 50 ml / Travel size

7. Mario Badescu / Enzyme Cleansing Gel / 10 ml / Travel size

8. Vita Liberata / Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish / 10 ml / Travel size

9. Caudalie / Resveratrol-Lift Firming Cashmere Cream / 15 ml / Travel size

10. Lipstick Queen / Altered Universe / 1,5 ml / Travel size

11. Dr Dennis Gross / B³Adaptive SuperFoods™ Stress Rescue Super Serum / 7 ml / Travel size

12. Sunday Riley / Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment / 5 ml / Travel size

13. Cle Cosmetics / Lifting Mist / 20 ml / Travel size

14. Sand & Sky / Brilliant Skin Porefining Face Clay Mask / 13 ml / Travel size

15. RMS Beauty / Luminizing Powder / 2 g / Travel size

16. Shani Darden / Daily Cleansing Serum / 10 ml / Travel size

17. Eyeko / Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner / 1,2 ml / Travel size

18. Royal Fern / Phytoactive Hydra-Firm Intense Mask / 15 ml / Travel size

19. Christophe Robin / Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt / 40 ml / Travel size

20. Mario Badescu / Glycolic Acid Toner / 59 ml / Travel size

21. Grown Alchemist / Hand Cream Vanilla and Orange Peel / 20 ml / Travel size

22. Murad / E-Shield Essential-C Cleanser / 60 ml / Travel size

23. Cult51 / Day Cream / 20 ml / Travel size

24. BYNACHT / Perfect Night Sleeping Balm / Nocturnal Signature Anti-Age Cream / 2 x 3 ml / Travel size

Price, Value and Availability

The new Niche Beauty advent calendar is already available for purchase. The calendar is priced at £145 and has a value of £375. You can purchase it here

The retailer offers international shipping. The thresholds are a bit different depending on location and the retailer’s not so great exchange rates in the case they localised the website. If you are still able to shop their german website in euros, consider yourself lucky! 🙂

*Update: despite what it says on the retailer’s website, I together with some of the readers have found that the calendar does not ship to all countries 🙁 there is nothing to indicate this on the website so it is quite unexpected. I sincerely apologise for getting you all excited. I myself was super excited when I discovered this offer so I jumped on writing this article. That won’t happen again if I can help it. I will make sure to check that the checkout processes as planned. Thank you to those who brought this issue to my attention. If any of you managed to grab the calendar, let us know!


I mentioned an offer and I meant it. The calendar can be used to qualify for the Festive Shopper Beauty gift with Purchase. The GWP is worth £400/€415. You will need to get something extra in order to qualify for the offer, but not a lot. A small stocking filler perhaps 🙂

If you spend an extra £30 or so, you can get nearly £800 in value for just around £165. I am not using exact numbers here as it really depends on where you are and the currency exchange rate.

festive shopper niche beauty gift with purchase


This time around, I do not have a lot of comments. I love the contents of the calendar and the contents of the gift with purchase are not bad either. If you managed to get both, then it is more than worth it.

I love my Niche Beauty calendar (the other one that is now sold out) and I discovered quite a few products and brands through this shop. I am actually tempted to get this offer to be honest. I do wish they would have included less makeup products, but then again the other calendar had mainly skincare. I do appreciate that even though there is makeup. The products are mostly usable even at this time.

If you want the best offer you can get for this calendar, don’t think twice as I am sure it will be over soon. The gift with purchase has been around for quite a while now so it is likely that there are only a few remaining. Also, the calendar is a limited edition product. What I did not mention when I originally posted this, I was so excited, a tad too excited to be honest is that you should not feel any pressure despite the limited stock. If this is not an offer for you, then skip it. There are others and there will be many more. This is a perfect example that even when something sells out, new things are released to replace them.

Grab your Niche Beauty Advent Calendar here.

What do you think of the new Niche Beauty Advent Calendar? How about this amazing offer?

*This article is not sponsored. This article contains affiliate links which means that Blush Suede might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make any purchases by clicking the links included in this article. Thank you for your support. It is you that keep us going.


  1. oliwia

    I’m not that hyped for the DIY calendar, the original one I liked much better and I regret I missed out on it (there was info they would restock but it doesn’t seem to be happening after all).
    I did get the shopper bag though, liked it far more than the DIY calendar and I could just buy it. After my complaint about the currency exchange I got a 10% discount code that offset the price discrepancy. But that will probably be my only purchase there in a very long time.
    So the company that does their cross border service is Global-e. I guess they jut get their cut on top of the regular shop prices. I don’t remember if it’s the same one as the one who does cross border for Harvey Nichols, they also had an outrageous price increase.

    1. Nana

      I also emailed them and they ignored me completely. Now, I tried to see how much it would be to order this new calendar and it seems that I am unable to do so as they apparent do not ship that item to my country or to the UK. Glad you managed to get the bag at least and I am sorry to hear about the calendar 😦.

      1. T

        I don’t know if my comment was deleted, or not published yet – but I tried again to order this calendar from Niche beauty and yes, it states it cannot ship to the UK.

      2. Nana

        Strange cause it shows up on my records as approved. I am really sorry you did not manage to order the calendar. Have you tried reaching out to customer service? There was nothing to indicate that the calendar would not ship to the UK. I tried several other countries and got the same result which was unexpected since it clearly said on the page that it is available for international shipping

      3. Tara

        Maybe there is a product size in the calendar, or promotion that is for the German market only. Could be the quantities available who knows, or just an error. I thought about contacting customer services, but I checked again on their site and the calendar is showing as coming soon, so it must be temporarily out of stock. I was tempted by the GWP and I’m not sure how long that will be available. I noticed as well the prices were higher, such as Olaplex – but figured a couple of pounds extra was worth it, versus the value of all the items you receive for the total spend. I’m thinking now to get the CEW Female Founders Beauty Edit instead. One calendar that surprised me and was a total bargain, is the Holland and Barratt calendar. (Thanks to your post!) Been using the products and liked trying a few brands, like the Gallinee face vinegar for the first time. I’m getting a bit over loaded with products now haha, also feel a bit guilty indulging in excessive beauty products and calendars during a pandemic – but if it makes you feel better and self care, it’s justifiable to me! Especially when beauty treatments are currently very restricted here in the U.K right now, can’t spend much money on that for a while,

      4. Nana

        Yeah, it was pretty weird but even if it had been just for German markets, they should have specified it. Regarding the gift, you can actually purchase the gift for £86 or so.

        I know what you mean about having too many products though. My levels of guilt are at an all time high especially now that I got the FabFitFun box and a few BF offers. I know that I won’t be able to stay away and take advantage of a few more and my collection of products is in the thousands… I am trying so hard to finish at least the smaller sized ones, but always get distracted but the new shiny thing 😂 I am expecting a few quiet months starting January 1st so maybe a smaller amount of launches will keep the temptation away. At least I got 5 calendars and not 14 like last time. Small miracles.

        Oh, so happy to hear you like the HB calendar. I skipped it this time around as I still have some products from last time, but I loved mine as well. I discovered some amazing products that I never thought I will find at HB. My favorite was a HB own product – Hyaluronic and vitamin C serum which surprisingly is perfect for me. Vit C does not work for me in most products. It is nice when amazing products pop up from unexpected places. did you get any other calendars? xo

  2. Oliwia

    Ah, the UK prices on Niche Beauty, in GBP it’s of course higher, but you can choose EUR when shipping to the UK and what you see is the higher price in GBP converted to EUR, on the item I checked the difference was €90 vs €94.
    It’s the same on the Harvey Nichols website, a Spacemask is £3.50 but if shipping to PL first it’s in PLN but if converted to GBP it’s £4.00!
    I wonder if not that many people see this and are not expressing their opinion about it.

    1. Nana

      I noticed that, however when in GBP it seems that the difference is smaller than when compared to my currency for example. Well, to be honest, I do not know. However what I do know is that I would go for some of the offers despite the differences especially if I had no place where to get the products from. I would try to avoid doing that, but if I really loved something….there are so many brands being offered that I have no local access to. I found ways to get the products from abroad via third parties and forwarding courier services but not everyone has that luxury. I am trying to ensure it does not happen and as far as I know it hasn’t so far (maybe with the exception of my last CB order – the beauty box), but I can see people doing it and as long as there are people, retailers will take advantage

  3. o.

    yeah, of course, if there is enough profit the retailers definitely won’t change the practices. Unless there’s more and more complaints and cheaper competition.
    On the flipside there’s more local, indie brands everywhere, and I’d love to give them a shot. Boycotting foreign retailers who have dishonest pricing practices can give me a chance to do just that since I won’t have a huge stash.
    On a separate note, what annoys me all the more is that salaries in my country are ca. 3 times lower than in DE or in the UK so these products for us here are a higher shelf than in the retailer’s country of origin, we basically have to work more and longer to afford these products. And this price increase disguised as the exchange rate makes them even more expensive for us.

    1. Nana

      😢 I know exactly what you mean. The same is applicable here, especially the salary part. However, I did notice that some products are cheaper than in the UK. It depends on the origin of the brand actually. Rituals is cheaper here, Sol de Janeiro is cheaper, many French brands as well and even brands such as Ziaja. I was surprised to find out that continental Europe brands are a bit more affordable than if purchased from the UK. However, the thing is that you need to find them… and by find them I mean in reputable retailers and not on some obscure website. Korean brands are in some cases 50% cheaper than in the UK and they are actually original products not some knock offs. But still, it would be nice for retailers to play fair

  4. Tara

    Yeah I didn’t buy as many calendars this year either! Previous years I got quite a few, like Space NK and Liberty. The past few months I’ve talked myself out of quite a few gift with purchases and advent calendars. I realised even if you get a good price for the load of products you receive, do you really need or want them. I made the most of discounts that online retailers were doing instead, buying things I need like Chanel makeup and Olaplex hair products and using the 20% off for example.

    I kind of regretted missing out on a few calendars (the Space NK one was included in their promo, £15 off every £60 you spend and I missed that one!), but I have all these unfinished little tubes and pots etc as well. Either full size, deluxe sample size or trial sample sizes. The problem is most beauty products and make up have expiration dates, for example 6 months or 12 months. So I feel pressured to use stuff up in time haha. I’m attracted to the latest shiny new thing as well! Always keen to try something that might work and there’s the promise it might change your life lol; or at least make you feel better with instant gratification.

    The HB calendar had a great Hyaluronic Acid serum this year and lots of body care things, I like to go a bit more natural as well sometimes, rather than chemical over load. I actually purchased the PLT calendar too, was pretty affordable and had a few brands in it I wanted to try like Beauty Works and Tatti lashes. I’ve ended up not using a lot of the make up bits etc, mostly because we can’t go out here in lock down. You’re right; make up isn’t as much of a priority at the moment (especially when it’s hidden under a face mask)

    There’s currently 10% off the Selfridges Beauty Collection bag online, I went to purchase this in store just before lock down, but it was only available online and left it. I am still sorely tempted to get that CEW Beauty Edit, looks good value and things I might use and enjoy.

    I saw you can buy the gift on Niche Beauty, but the contents of the calendar appealed more. It was just a nice add on the GWP. I have been very disciplined with beauty advent calendars over all this year, I don’t know if it’s just me – but it seems like there is more released than ever this year 🙂 x

    1. Nana

      I do agree that this year have been more than ever before. There are quite several I have yet to post on here. If you like natural or want to switch to more natural then you might like the Oh My Cream one (I reviewed it on here). That one is pretty great and the products quite different.

      I think it is amazing that you are refraining yourself. I try and succeeded for like a couple of months at the beginning of the year. Nice we got to May and I went out for the first time in 10 weeks, I went crazy. Also, after my birthday in June I started ordering stuff again and have not stopped 🙁 I also have tons of opened stuff as I am so curious to try them. My biggest success is removing most of my add one from my FabFitFun box and then cancelling my subscription before billing which means I won’t be getting my box at all. I was certain that they already took the payment so basically my success in spending less was due to a mistake 😆

      When you are referring to 6-12 months expiration date you meant after opening right? That is how the little jar printed on the product works. I do prefer products that have a clear end date on them though.

  5. Tara

    Yes I meant that sorry, after you open them they have an expiration date. Short dated if natural as well!

    Ohhh I love the look of the Oh My Cream advent calendar. I just had another look at your post about it.. I clicked on the link and it must have sold out? Can’t seem to be able to search for it either.

    It can just really add up, I feel guilty splurging £150-200 for every luxury type advent calendar. When I could be getting clothes. or something more lasting instead. I do spend quite a bit though on beauty products generally though, especially nice bath stuff lately to help destress and relax. I am a sucker for a gift with purchase though and had to really refrain from the HN, Cult Beauty and Space NK recently. I’m sure you will enjoy all your lovely products, such a good way to discover new brands.

    I also noticed, even if there seems to be more beauty deals on and advent calendars etc this year (with the focus on online and companies luring in sales), I’m not sure if the selections are as great or appealing as previous years. Maybe that’s just me, as I have too many products already now haha. That’s the thing, I have so many items I own already. Then it’s not as tempting to have multiples of things. I can’t resist opening and trying everything, no will power and discipline there 🙂

    1. Nana

      I see. I am actually lucky as even though it might seem that I am spending a lot on beauty and I am, I am spending less than last year but also I don’t really spend on anything else. I rarely buy clothes other than essentials at best and everything else goes on tech.

      I agree. Multiples are not as exciting. That is a huge factor when considering beauty offers and the like. I’m there have been incredibly few products I repurchased when there were so many others I wanted to try. It does help me cut down a bit though

  6. Tara

    Talking about all these advent calendars is making me want to buy more haha. I haven’t regretted any calendars in the past and you save so much overall. The Liberty advent calendar the year before last had to be the best I think.

    I must say, I have been more inspired by your posts and wanting to read your reviews than most bloggers. You always have a pretty balanced review on them, which I appreciate. In fact most of the temptations come from your email updates!

    I really wanted the full size Kate Somerville Retinol Vit C moisturiser in the Space NK advent calendar… I ended up ordering a travel size version the other day to try it out instead. There’s always too many Nars Laguna bronzers, or other things I already own in these beauty boxes.

    I don’t repurchase too much either, only the Chanel Les Beiges Eau de Teint foundation, Iconic setting spray in Glow, Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta foaming cleanser, any skincare by Lancer and Olaplex hair products off at a quick guess. There seems to be an awful lot of Barbara Sturm in these calendars this year… it bumps up the value due to how much they retail for, but I think they’re a bit overrated. Didn’t see much difference in the products I used. Also Paula’s Choice liquid exfoliators seem to be everywhere.

    1. Nana

      I totally agree with what you said about Dr Barbara Sturm. I tried several of her products including some of her best selling ones and I don’t think they were worth the price. I found drugstore products that I liked way more

      Oh thank you. It makes me really happy knowing that someone out there actually reads my reviews/rants. 😆

      Kate Somerville product should almost always be purchased via their website btw. They have so many offers going on all the always get gwp and sometimes they are really worth it. Unless there is nothing else you want when trying to qualify for the SpaceNK or CB gwp.

  7. Tara

    Yeah I purchased Kate Sommerville before directly off their website, as they always have pretty good deals. Like you say, unless it’s to reach the minimum order for GWP or one of the big online retailer discount days… I’m holding out for some of the Black Friday last minute, bigger deals that might come up 😊

    I saw your latest Oh My Cream post – I like the look of both the kits! Might be good, since I missed out on their advent calendar. Currently debating. Yes clean beauty was the term I was looking for, as you describe that French site (rather than natural, but it is that too). I always wanted to try Tata Harper, but it’s so expensive.

    I stopped wearing much makeup for ages, but it makes me feel better to put a bit on at times. I know it’s crazy if half of it is covered by a mask! And ends up on it. Silk face masks and makeup don’t really go very well together.

    Will see what else comes up before Christmas 😊

      1. Tara

        Check out the Latest in Beauty, Award Winners the Beauty Calendar. With the code ACMSE60 you can get it for £60 inc postage in the U.K., instead of £70. Worth £300. 😊

      2. Nana

        It is already posted on here. Not with this offer, but the post is up. Thanks for the recommendation though. I really appreciate it. Personally, while I love Latest in Beauty (not November’s edit tho) and their collocation boxes are just amazing, I got the calendar last year and my opinion so far is never again. Prefer to stick to their boxes… did you get it?

  8. Tara

    Is it the same calendar? Can’t see the post on your site, so can’t check and compare. This seems to be a new release. It is not a ‘calendar’, but just a collection of products for this one.

  9. Tara

    Must have sold out today, it was available last night and early this morning! It was posted on a forum with the discount code, was likely snapped up.

    1. Nana

      Thanks for the heads up anyway 🙂 truly appreciate it! Stay tuned for Black Friday offers on the collection boxes. Fingers crossed they will be great

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