CEW Female Founder Beauty Edit – Worth over £700

Thank you to whoever searched for CEW beauty boxes and ended up on this blog 🙂 Because of you I found another amazing offer you all need to know about and that is the CEW Female Founder Beauty Edit. More details below.

What does the CEW Female Founders Beauty Edit contain?

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Pillow Talk Luxury Eye Palette, full size

Ciaté Stamp and Drag Liner, full size

Dermalogica BioLumin-C Eye Serum 15ml

Dr. Barbara Sturm Mini Calming Serum, 10ml

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, 100g

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex, 15ml

Floral Street Iris Goddess Body Wash and Body Cream, 200ml each

Hourglass Incandescent Electra Strobe Blush, full size

Iconic Nice to Naughty Eye Palette, full size

Iconic Lustre Lip Oil, full size

Iconic Triple Threat Mascara, 9ml

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cream, 50ml

LBB Skin Take Off Touch Down Biodegradeable Cleansing Wipes x 6

MZ Skin Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatment Mask x 1

Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist, 50ml

The Organic Pharmacy Retinol Night Serum, 30ml

Pai Skincare Bioregenerate, Rosehip Seed & Fruit Universal Face Oil, 30ml

Wishful Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer, 50ml

111SKIN Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask x 1

Price and Value

The CEW Female Founders Beauty Edit is priced at £168 and has a value of over £700. This is such and unexpected and totally welcomed surprise, don’t you agree?


The CEW Female Founders Beauty Edit is available exclusively here (*not affiliate).


Okay, wow. This was my first impression and as I started going through the product list and reading more about the products, my opinion has not changed much. I love how so many of the products are full sized and that there is a nice balance between makeup and skincare. I know that this edit has more makeup products that we have seen lately, especially since makeup is not a priority for many of us at this time, however at least the products are mostly for the parts of the face that are still visible even when wearing a mask. Still better than having more lip products and less face/eye makeup products. I do wish there was 90% skincare if not 100% skincare, but…Hope this made sense!

As for the products themselves, they are products that the beauty industry has deemed iconic. Not all, but quite a few. They are products that have made headlines time and time again so this edit is quite interesting to try. Personally, I have not used most of these products, especially the makeup ones, but I have used at least a products from every single brand and they were pretty alright. I cannot say that every single products in here is amazing for obvious reasons, but I am pretty optimistic that they are.

Grab your CEW Female Founders Beauty Edit here (*not affiliate).

What do you think of this edit?

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9 thoughts on “CEW Female Founder Beauty Edit – Worth over £700

  1. So, are you tempted?
    When I first saw it I thought ‘wow’, but I sooo don’t need it, especially a ginormous palette and a small palette, Albeit very pretty, super wearable for me.

    1. Kinda the same as you. I am supposed to be billed for my FabFitFun today and all my add-one so probably will skip this one 😂 I already feel super guilty. We had some BF offers here already and while my first order was a great investment, the second one (products might be good if they ever arrive) should have never placed. The products launched an hour later at a shop that offers the most competitive prices I have ever seen ( pharmacy chain totally legit) and the difference between my BF prices and the full prices at this pharmacy is so small… the pharmacy will also hold a BF event and I am afraid to even look. I hate the idea that I most likely paid around £30 more. I feel guilty and stupid 😂 to answer your question, I am staying away for now. If this is still available next month or in a few weeks, I might reconsider but not right now 🙂 how about you?

  2. I’ll skip. I’m hoping to see some stuff on sale on black Friday. I also have started to unbox the SkinStore holiday beauty edit (recommend) that inspired me to order Babor advent calendar with ampoules (so far I’ve tried the multi-vitamin ampoules and they’re really something). So I’m well equipped and still de stashing makeup.

    1. I feel like an idiot now. I kept trying to go onto the SkinStore website and I only got the US website for so long. It would not show me options to change for some reason… finally got it. What was the delivery like? Did you have to pay taxes?

      1. The delivery took over a week and cost $15.. It was quickly dispatched, reached the UK in a day but then got stuck flor a few days at Heathrow customs and then took another few days to reach me.
        I didn’t pay anything extra.

      2. Oh that is great! They don’t really mention anything on the website from what I saw, but need to have a closer looks as I am obviously incapable of reading the website properly. I was so certain that they offered international delivery and everything and then got stuck with the US website… 🙄 thank you so much for clearing it up!

  3. I used the US website. I’m not sure if there are other versions. Plenty of countries they ship to (the Hut Group after all)

    1. You can switch counties But yeah, I do believe that they are shipping from the US. Have not found any indication of the contrary. Still cannot believe I missed it and I did look specifically for this a few weeks back 😖

      1. I think this edit is a great purchase, I’m enjoying every product, and just a few days ago the price dropped to $100! Originally it was $150…

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