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It has been a while since I last reviewed anything from Beauty Pie and I thought it was high time to change that. I hope that in the meantime you realised that Beauty Pie is indeed a legit business, if you were unsure, and that I won’t have to go into too much details on this topic and rather focus on the beauty products I decided to review.

If you are unsure, I do want to say that yes, Beauty Pie is really a legit company. Now I am starting to wonder what people think of when they ask whether the company is legit or not. Do they focus on whether the company does indeed purchase their products from the same labs as some luxury beauty brands or do they think of something else? The one thing I focused on when I placed my first order was whether the products are any good and work rather than which luxury brand procures their products from the same laboratory. To each their own, but I started thinking of whether I tackled this topic from the right angle given just how many people still ask the question. I do not know more than you do, I tried the same products as you have (okay, perhaps not the exact same ones), but I would not knowingly mislead you or recommend you a shop or brand that I did not trust. My point is that I like Beauty Pie and generally their products are actually good and they tend to work. They do have some products that are less good or not as effective, butI found most of them quite good. Anyway, back on topic.

Beauty Pie Orange Absolute Eau de Toilette Review

Rather than going into the whole is Beauty Pie legit or not debate, I actually wanted to tell you a bit about the Orange Absolute Eau de Toilette. This is one of the few fragrances the brands has released and perhaps the first that truly caught my attention. The fragrance was advertised as an eau de toilette formulated with the same scent as that found in brand’s Super Healthy Skin range. If you want to learn more about the products from this range, you read my review of the body cream here and that of the body polish here.

Safe to say, I was intrigued. The body cream in particular, quickly became one of my favourite body cream on the market and not just because of its nourishing capabilities which are nothing to frown upon, but also due to the beautiful scent it was formulated with. The idea of having that same scent in a fragrance/eau de toilette format truly appealed to me. I did not hesitate once the fragrance was released and got it straight away. Now, a few months later I am finally ready to review it and share with you my thought on the product. I am confident I have the product enough tried to form an informed opinion.

Please excuse the awkwardness in what follows. We are all fully aware by now that I am an awkward person in general, but reviewing a fragrance is significantly more difficult than reviewing any other type of product. It is almost like one of those cases (that I totally hate when someone tries to shrug off as) “just one of those things you had to be there for in order to understand”. However fragrances are not just hard to describe, but even knowing the notes it is sometimes hard to imagine wha a fragrance would smell like as a different concentration of an ingredient can make a huge difference as I came to learn when I created my own perfume using the London Perfume Studio kit. I guess that is just more reason why I find perfume reviews in general weird and awkward. It just seems impossible to truly get your point across no matter how skilled you are in the craft of writing or perfumery.

The Orange Absolute Eau de Toilette has a beautiful scent. No worries, I will develop that idea further. However, that was my very first impression. I am not generally super fond of orange fragrances, but this one does not smell citrusy. At least, not entirely. There is some tanginess to the fragrance, but there is also a more flowery component which keeps the fragrance balanced. It makes me think of that time of the year (aka spring) when flowering trees start to blossom.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Lemon Essence, Bitter Orange and Sweet Orange
  • Middle Notes: Aromatics, Florals, Jasmine Sambac Absolute and Solar (warmth and radiance)
  • Base Notes: Musk, Wood and Tonka Bean

My impression is also supported by the actual notes of the fragrance. So while there are some citrusy notes and some flowery notes, together with the woody and musky notes we get a beautiful combination. The fragrance makes sense and unlike other fragrances whose notes include Bitter Orange or even just Sweet Orange, this fragrance is definitely not Christmasy. You can pull it off during winter months, but I believe it is more suitable for spring time.

The Orange Absolute fragrance is not overpowering. It is not the kind of fragrance that lingers in the air or won’t it brother anyone if you spritz it one more time than necessary. In addition, it settles quite nicely on the skin, however it is not long lasting. You can still sense it after a few hours, but not as long as you would a boutique perfume. However, it is an eau de toilette and not a perfume so that pretty much explains it.

In terms of fragrance, I also want to add for those who are familiar with the Super Healthy Skin range that the fragrance is indeed similar to the one in the body cream.

One again, the Orange Absolute from Beauty Pie has a nice, happy even type of scent that is not overpowering at all. It is perfect for warmer months (spring towards beginning of summer), however it can be easily worn during other seasons as well. Personally, I really enjoyed it. In fact, I can say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would given how much I really do not like most Bitter Orange fragrances. I look forward to using my bottle and would definitely consider getting a new one.

This fragrance is definitely high quality and does not smell cheap in any way, however I am not sure whether I would put it at the same level as Jo Malone or more exclusive boutique fragrances. It comes close, but does not really reach that level.

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