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Finally, right? I am sure you were all tired to read about the beauty advent calendars and I get you. It can be quite overwhelming, For that reason, I decided to write something different today and that is the review for the Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Body Polish.

The review for this product has been one of my most requested reviews. For good reason. If you recall, the body cream from the same collection was quite the hit. It was to be expected given the fact that it managed to surpass the famous Bum Bum cream.

But enough chit chat. Let’s discuss the Body Polish now.

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Body Polish Review

I have to admit that I hesitated before purchasing the Super Healthy Skin Body Polish from Beauty Pie. I already had enough products of its kind so, at that time I only purchased the Body Cream. However, after the success that was the body cream, I had to try the body polish as well. I just had to know whether it was as good!

The Body Polish from Beauty Pie comes in a similar packaging to the one of the Body Cream. The packaging is simple, classic and very elegant. It gives the body polish a luxurious feel and it is also pretty heavy. However, it is the details that give the jar that luxurious feel. The inner cap feels almost velvet like! While all of this does not really matter, it is still nice to have.


As you open the jar, you are hit with that orange scent that is also present in the Super Healthy Moisturising Body Creme. The scent does seem a little bit lighter than with the cream, but it is definitely just as addicting. Honestly, even though I am not a huge fan of orange-y scents, this one is incredible. It is relatively light and citrusy, but also a tad bit floral;  it is elegant and not at all overpowering, but at the same time still present.

But is it effective?

The Super Healthy Body Polish from Beauty Pie is nice to the touch and it melts on the skin which is also really nice. Furthermore, the polish is not super harsh which I cannot say that I mind. And I could leave it at this and let you form your own opinion, but that is not what I am here for. So far so good, right? However, in order to fully answer the previous questions, we need to establish a few things.

The Super Healthy Skin Body Polish is a polish not a scrub (even though the explanation on the box is slightly misleading  – it refers to it as a scrub and then defines a polish). Yes, there is a difference between the two. What this means is that the Beauty Pie product needs to be the last step in your shower routine.

  • a body wash is needed
  • body polish is applied after cleansing the body
  • the body polish is meant to gently exfoliate the skin
  • the body polish is also meant to moisturise the skin
  • theoretically, there is no need for body cream after a polish


As I was saying above, the body polish is relatively gentle and melts onto the skin. It has nice feel to it. It seems like an okay product so far. It smells great and feels great while you are using it. But that is not even half the story, thus the reason why I wanted to clarify a few things above.

After using the body polish and rinsing it off, you are left with smoother skin due to the exfoliating salt particles, but also due to the mango and papaya enzymes. However, you are also left with ‘moisturised’ skin due to the omega 3 and 6 oils. Yes, the skin does not feel dry to the touch, but here is where the first issue comes into play. My skin was felt feeling moisturised but also a tad bit greasy in places. I cannot say that I care for it. In fact, my skin felt a bit greasy to the touch even the morning after I used the product. This is exactly one of the reasons why I loved the body créme so much; the body cream drys completely leaving the skin moisturised but not at all greasy.

Maybe I could live with that. Some of you might like it even. It is not like it is a gross kind of greasy. However, my biggest issue with this product is when it comes to having to properly scrub the shower floor from the leftover ‘grease’. I am all for keeping things clean of course, but it was ridiculous. The amount of scrubbing needed in order to ensure that no one will slip and fall kinda defeated the purpose of having a shower.

Now I believe I said enough.


Overall, despite the fact that body polish feels nice on the skin and the concept is a good one, there are some things that do need some tweaking. I like the idea of not having to use a moisturiser afterwards. In theory, it is perfect for when I am feeling lazy and I still want exfoliated and smooth skin. However, this product just does not work with my skin type nor my (other) needs. I truly wanted to love it as much as I have the body cream or most other Beauty Pie products, but I cannot. I don’t see the value this product brings me nor how it makes my life easier ( a very open interoperation) which at the end of the day is what any product offering is supposed to do.

Have you tried the Super Healthy Skin Body Polish?


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