Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox Review

I honestly don’t remember how I got my hands on this scalp detox products from Grow Gorgeous, but if I were to guess, I would say that it was in the Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar in 2017. The reason why I am sure it is not the Grow Gorgeous products included in the 2018 calendar is because the photos were taken in summer as I was preparing to ship all my beauty products home.

Anyway, you did not need to know all that. But in any case, the post is not sponsored. If it were, I would 100% tell you. You can rest assured that nothing shady is going on behind the scenes nor will it ever. It goes against my beliefs.


Okay, enough chit chatting. I am going to get to the point now. I love scalp detox products and I believe that everyone should own at least one. There is so much dirt and product that goes into our hair and it clogs the pores on our head. That is really bad! It can lead to  inflamed pores and excess of oil as the skin is trying to protect itself. For this reason, a scalp detox is pretty much necessary.

The frequency by which you apply such products, in my opinion, depends on how much product you actually use. I still recommend using a scan detox products at least once a week or so. However, don’t overdo it either. Everything should be used in moderation.

As for this particular Grow Gorgeous product, the bottom line is that the product is good. It is actually a pretty good scalp detox product. However, it is not my favourite.

While the scalp detox from Grow Gorgeous does exactly what it says on the bottle, it does so using a scrub like product. I don’t particularly like how those particles get stuck in my hair. I feel like they are a bit more annoying than, let’s say, a simple clay product. If you have long hair, both are pretty annoying as you need to separate your strands in order to reach your roots properly and then rub the product all over and this takes time.


However, the product is indeed effective and it leaves your scalp feeling comfortable and very very clean. Also, the product is not that difficult to rinse off which is another plus. And last, but not least, the product smells pretty nice.

Overall, I liked the Grow Gorgeous Scalp detox and if I will ever get my hands on another container or tube, I will definitely use it. However, the product is a bit pricey at £28 for 190ml and when there are cheaper alternatives that perform just as good, then I am probably going to stick to products I have been using for longer.

Do you have a scalp detox product that you like?

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