Dr. Levy Switzerland Eye Booster Concentrate

Today’s first review is that of the Eye Booster Concentrate from Dr Levy. This is one of the products from the brand that I found included in the Niche Beauty Advent Calendar.

I am no stranger to Dr. Levy Switzerland, but this is the first time I got to try the Eye Booster Concentrate. Here are my thoughts.

Dr Levy Switzerland Eye Booster Concentrate Review

While I am certain there there must be good eye products out there, I have not had the luck of finding many. I tried, trust me. I really tried.

The eye area is one of my sensitive areas and the one I am sort of obsessing over every once in a while. I am slowly approaching my thirties and with as many skin issues that I have, some inherited and some that could have been avoided – no worries, none were caused by the many products I tried – they were mostly caused by hormonal imbalances and others by my ED. The idea though is that I really want to avoid more.

Ageing is natural and it is nothing to be ashamed of. I am not just saying this because of my age. I truly believe that signs of ageing have a story behind them and I find that truly fascinating. However, I do want to avoid them for as long as I can. There is no escaping them of course, but if there are products that can keep them a bay or improve their appearance why not? I am still talking about external treatments here. However, anything that makes you happy and that does not hurt anyone else is fine with me.

Anyway, I have some fine lines in the inner corner of my eyes which I know that can be improved considerably with needle based professional treatments. I am not there yet, Furthermore, the skin underneath my eyes is becoming thinner and more sensitive. For this reason, I started looking at products that truly work and provide visible results. As mentioned above, there have been very few and fair in between that provided results worth writing home about.

Since I got the Dr Levy Eye Booster Concentrate in the Niche Beauty Advent Calendar, I decided to give it a try. I am familiar with the brand and loved the products I tried thus far so I decided that it was worth giving it a go. I did not want to have high hopes as like I mentioned above, most eye treatments do not really do much, however I gave it a shot anyway.

The Eye Booster Concentrate from Dr Levy is a treatment of the eye area, as the name suggests. The product has a gel like texture which is cooling and feels really nice on the skin. The gel is easy to apply and it does not stick to the skin so you can spread the product around with ease. One of the first things I’ve noticed is that you do not need a lot of product. A little does indeed go a long way which in this is case is amazing as the product is by no means cheap or even remotely affordable.

However, beyond the nice texture and being able to use just a tiny bit of product, the effects are what blew me away. My skin tightened, really tightened but not to an uncomfortable extent. Within a few days, I could feel that my skin, the skin underneath my eyes was thicker and not as sensitive. The lines in my eyer inner corner improved slightly, but not a huge lot. They did not vanish, however that is completely fine. Those are not visible unless I squint so they not bother me that much. However, the sensitivity of the skin underneath my eyes is becoming a bigger issue, particularly in winter. I am glad that this eye gel helped me deal with that. But the best part of using this product is that the effects are visible even days later. I can easily skip 1-2 days and use soothing else and my skin still feels like it is ticker and better protected. This was my personal experience with the product, however I also noticed an improvement in my mother’s wrinkles. Luckily she does not have that many, but the few she has presented a small improvement. This product from Dr Levy is no a magical solution, but it helps a bit.

Overall, I was impressed with the Dr Levy Eye Booster Concentrate. I recommend giving it a go if you ever find a good offer for it or perhaps getting it to qualify for a gift with purchase. While effective, the product is a bit pricey so unless you have an unlimited budget, I recommend waiting for an offer.

Where can you purchase the Dr Levy Eye Booster Concentrate from?

Have you ever tried anything from Dr Levy before? What did you think?

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