Sarah Chapman – Platinum Stem Cell Eye Mask Reviews

*updated: I only updated the name of the brand as I made a horrible mistake. My thoughts and opinion of the product were not affected.

I am back with another review. I recently tried one of the products included in the amazing Sunday Times Style Beauty Edit. The product in question is the Platinum Stem Cell Eye Mask by Sarah Chapman. I recently mentioned that I am sometimes obsessing over the look of the skin from my eye area so it should came at no surprise that this was the product I decided to try first.

PLATINUM Stem Cell Eye Mask

The first thing I noticed about this eye mask was the design. Unlike other eye patches that you simply apply underneath the eye whether these are classic or have a more special design ranging from stars to fish, cherries and everything in between. The mask from Sarah Chapman goes on underneath your eyes, on your lids and on your eyebrows. I liked the idea, very much so. This was just one more reason why I decided to try this mask so soon after receiving it despite having other products that I should have probably finished first. FIFO and all that, you know? Just a bad joke! For those that do not know, FIFO stands for ‘First In, First Out’.

As I was saying, the design is definitely unique and I loved the idea of it. I thought the product would be something special.

Before I move on, I want to say that I am not hating on Sarah Chapman here. However, that dos not mean I have to love everything the brand comes out with. Then, of course there is also the possibility of a product being faulty or me being an inept at using certain products. I am just keeping it real here.

It pains me to say this so soon after the beginning of the new year; I wanted to keep it positive at least for a while. However, the fact is that I did not like the Platinum Stem Cell Eye Mask at all.

Here it might be my anatomy and the way my face is structured, but I could not apply the mask in such a way that I could keep my eyes open. Maybe it was designed this way, but you have two eyes (hopefully) and you need one at least to see where you are applying the mask. You can manage with your eyes closed but it is definitely more difficult as the bits of the mask can get stuck together. Of course, you can ask someone else to do it for you…I wish I would have thought of that! I feel so stupid now. That is not a big deal, but thought I should mention it anyway. The main issue though is that I had difficulty applying it. Here is not just my face at fault but perhaps my coordination as well. I took me a few tries until I managed to get the mask in its rightful place. Normally, I can understand that. It is one of those things that happens, but in this case, it is a bit more annoying as you end up with product all around the eye area and it can easily get in your eyes as you keep moving around the mask.

Ignoring the design annoyances, the mask is effective. There is some tightening going on, but nothing major in my case. Nothing to justify the price, if you are asking me.

I can get past a lot of these things. I can! There are some other things in play that I cannot ignore though. This is perhaps not applicable to the majority of your, but my eyes started itching from this product and my skin still itches a day later despite having washed the skin repeatedly. I never reacted from a beauty product, at least not in this manner. So far there have only been a few breakouts, but never itching. That for me is a big NO. Again, this is a personal experience and it might not happen to anyone else. I am just being truthful here and sharing my experience, the good and the bad. I do realise that there is more bad here, but this is my opinion.

I am open to trying more products from the brand, but not this one, at least not anytime soon. I am sort of curious to see whether I would get the same results and the side effects so to speak, but as you can understand I am in no hurry to do so.

This whole situation was bit of a disappointment so I hope this was an isolated case as the price for one of these masks is pretty outrageous as it is. If you tried the product, please share you experience.

I am not going to share any links for this product. If you really want it, you can easily find it using google. I do not feel comfortable pointing you in the right direction on this occasion. This is one of those products I can simply not recommend.

How do you feel about this product?

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